100th post! + ALL YOUR BLOGS IN A LIST

This is the 100TH post! Hoorah! To celebrate this glorious achievement I bring you a quote as legendary as Kadhaffi himself:

This blog is like Tripoli, only one(or a few) of them is still up and running. The others vanished, only a few of the cities are still controlled. And this is not the end. We will keep on fighting, delivering news and especially: Hope. (Wait a second, too much Obama) Hope Yes We Can Health CareGuantanamo Bay COURAGE, that's the word!
Keep on posting and do not be afraid, my friends! There is no opposition left, be creative as much as you can and fight or your blog! Now doing the robot dance to feast

-Moammar Reilly Kadhaffi

Now, what i meant with the letter is that i saw alot of people deleting their blogs, stop posting so I had to renew the blogs I'm following. Love all your blogs! But now i'd like to show a Dutch version of Jersey Shore. Laugh, LAUGH HARD!!!

Blogs you should follow( little present to my followers)
http://puppamela.blogspot.com/ Awesome humorous blog
http://majormack.blogspot.com every day this blogger shocks me in amazingness!

http://thenitefalls.blogspot.com All kinds of music videos
http://365daysofballoons.blogspot.com Just love his balloon creations. Great guy, you should hire him for Kid Parties. Seriously, over 9000 times better than a cliché clown who can only make a freaking ugly looking dog. Check his site out now: http://www.magicmot.com/
http://www.playvidya.com/  This person has another blog called http://custompongtables.blogspot.com/ But the first site was down for a couple of days. now it's back up and it's AMAZINGLY LOOKING GOOD. You must check it!
http://the-viral-network.blogspot.com It's in the name's blog!
http://level85nerd.blogspot.com Great gaming blog and been here on blogger for a long time( Longer than me i suppose, don't really know)
http://www.bar-science.com/ Science in a bar on a blog. It's the only thing you need to survive
http://beswitchedon.blogspot.com His recent post is The King's Speech Review. I think Brut is one who started around oktober too( not sure)
http://bestgamesandsofts.blogspot.com/ This man reviews free games that are brilliant and really good
http://1337blogelite.blogspot.com/ reviews pc parts/ macbooks and other related news
http://darkbogdanel.blogspot.com An interesting movie review blog!
http://specialdoseofsadness.blogspot.com/ I'm in LOVE with this blog. It's about foreign films and cult. Older than mine =D
http://foreverisallineed.blogspot.com "a proper trashing", go check it out

Just adding the rest ( apologies) But please do visit them! They deserve it
http://byronwilber.blogspot.com His crazy life, we're all very jealous deep in our heart

http://michellande.blogspot.com Just returned from a trip so back in action!! Amazing blog
http://laughingvault.blogspot.com It's a real laughing vault!
http://itsakindoftragic.blogspot.com just hit 200 followers, now make em some more
http://gunstarblue.blogspot.com Love his blog: Improve your Vocab! Just a fantastic idea!
http://i-love-julian-assange.blogspot.com Great blog with leaking info
http://governmentnow.blogspot.com about the US government. No it's not boring, it's awesome!
http://entertainvent.blogspot.com is so awesome that he literaly destroyed the M and made a V out of it. It's like Chuck Norris!

http://drawingnstuff.blogspot.com all about Mark Crilley, an awesome mange artist
http://guymoviesblog.blogspot.com movie reviewer, fantastic guy!
http://spunchops.blogspot.com Help out this disabled veteran. He's a good man and a true critic

http://sraoit.blogspot.com Girl's blog, so check her out! ;D
http://ahdiu.blogspot.com blog about basketball
http://savagenugget.blogspot.com discusses the paranormal
http://vote-sanchez.blogspot.com Java explained in an awesome way. Vote Sanchez, seriously!!


Damn, that's a long long list.(worked hard on it) If you see you aren't on it, it's because you didn't post this week.But what does post every week is the comment question of the day: my new blog:  http://gonzojournos.blogspot.com/

Academy Awards Tonight

It's the big night for Film Industry. The 83rd Academy Awards will at 5pm PST/8pm ESTand you can watch it live on http://oscar.go.com/award-show. And here's a link to Bonjour Tristesse with a full preview on the Oscars. I'd like to promote my bloggerfriends so go check it out! There are alot of very interesting cult- or foreign films that this blogger reviews. We need those blogs, so that we know about these small masterpieces that we never see in the big cinema's. Thumps up for Inception, True Grit and The King's Speech!

The LINK: 83rd Academy Awards 2011 [Bonjour Tristesse]

[Music From Belgium]Triggerfinger it, you girl!

Hello you sweet followers.
I thank you all for following this movie blog, that sometimes goes offtopic. And every weekend I try to let you learn something about Belgium, atleast the music part of it. But before i go ramble on that, i'd like to promote my other blog:

Gonzo Style is a blog with my Gonzo tryouts. I'll try write two-three every week, and it would be really fun that you followers comment on this unique style. It's real fun! Go check it out :)

Now, back to a fresh new band: Triggerfinger

Triggerfinger is a Belgian rock band from Antwerp, Belgium, formed in 1998. The band consists of vocalist and guitarist Ruben Block, bassist Paul Van Bruystegem and Mario Goossens as drummer.
The band gained a small amount of popularity while performing prior to the band's debut album. They released their self-titled debut album Triggerfinger in 2004, after previously having released the singles Inner Peace and Camaro from the album. The album was well-received by rock fans, with the band's sound being compared to bands such as Queens of the Stone Age, by the younger audience, and Led Zeppelin, by the older rock fans.The album was followed by a live album called Faders Up.

The third studio album, All This Dancin' Around, was released in November 2010. The recordings of this album took place in the Sound City Studios in North Hollywood, California. The release of this album managed to increase the band's popularity in Belgium and the Netherlands with minor success.

Erik Van Looy to direct US-remake of Loft?

The American film magazine ‘Variety’ reports that the Antwerp director Erik Van Looy is to direct the Hollywood remake of the Flemish film Loft. Erik Van Looy directed the original version of Bart De Pauw’s film that broke box office records for a home produced movie when it was released in the autumn of 2008.

Erik Van Looy has neither confirmed nor denied the report. Patrick Wilson and James Marsden are believed to be in line for the starring roles in the American version of Loft.
Variety also reports that Wesley Strick (A nightmare on Elm Street) is to adapt Bart De Pauw’s script to suit an American audience. Production of the film will get under way in the spring.
Loft tells the story of five men that share a flat they use to entertain their mistresses. 1.2 million Flemings saw the film when it was shown here.
However, a Dutch remake of Loft enjoyed considerably less success when it was released in the Netherlands.

Here's a trailer of the Flemish film with subtitles. The quality might not be brilliant but it's the only one i found with subtitles. And i finally have unique news that no one else has :D ( Right from the newspapers)

Another Sucker Punch Trailer

You can't call them teasers any more right? They've been giving us like three or four trailers for this movie and i'm already so hyped about it it. It really didn't need another trailer. Im quite exited about the movie but this trailer isnt that superb. Don't get me wrong, it's still brilliant but it wants to tell more about the story of Sucker Punch. We want the visuals, keep the damn story for the theaters :D

Also, there's been some 1940s propaganda posters loose on the internet. I caught them all. Blondie, Sweet Pie and Babydoll are my favourites .

Hangover 2 Teaser

We finally have some footage of the Hangover 2. It's been a long wait so enjoy! Love Ed Helms. Oh yeah, you don't see Doug. He's married offcourse and his wife hates these guys. Can't wait anyways!

Question to you guys: Am i posting too much?

Seth McFarlane’s ‘Ted’ grabs Giovanni Ribisi

Ted is Setch McFarlane’s, (Family Guy), live action debut into comedy and it seems that he’s attracting a steady level of talent to help make his first foray into film a memorable experience for everyone.

Via: Film School Rejects

The film centers on a man, played by Mark Wahlberg, who made a childhood wish that his teddy bear would come to life. Several decades later, when he’s well into adulthood, having a living, breathing teddy bear following him around everywhere isn’t as great as it seemed when he was 7. As a matter of fact, it gets pretty annoying. Especially when the bear, Ted, is a drinking, smoking lout.

Variety first broke the news of Ribisi joining McFarlane’s cast. He’ll be playing a character named Donny, a man obsessed with the the cursing, crass, living teddy bear. There’s no word on who Kunis would play, but one can assume it would be Wahlberg’s love interest.

The Great Gatsby 3D

News has come out that Leonardo DiCaprio’s adaptation of the literary classic The Great Gatsby has revealed that it will be filmed in South Wales Australia, but more perplexing is that it is confirmed to be filming in 3D.

Huffington Post reports:

The Sunday Telegraph of Australia broke the news on Sunday that the director’s new film version of the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel had chosen New South Wales, Australia as his filming location, signing a deal with the government on Friday. As previously announced, Leonardo DiCaprio will take on the role of Jay Gatsby, the mysterious millionaire, while Carey Mulligan will take on Daisy Buchanan and Tobey Maguire will play Nick Carraway, the book’s narrator and protagonist.

Can't wait for it! This is going to be good. It has an awesome cast, it has 3D...wait 3D? Hmm, We'll see how it turns out!

New blog

Today we remember Hunter Stockton Thompson. Who is he? Get your damn Nixon-fanboyism off my lawn, you impertinent little fucker! Anyway, here you go:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hunter_S._Thompson

I made an extra blog for writing Gonzo. I will try to work some things out and learn how to write Gonze. I'l lstart overwriting the Great Gatsby soon. I really hope you'll like it and please do follow if you're interested :)

[Music From Belgium]That f****** Disney Ending!

It's weekend and I decided to make this a Music From Belgium Day :) I'll try to find awesome music and serve it to you, good sir and lady. Here's Balthazar with Fifteen Floors.

Guy Ritchie not making ‘Xerxes’

Remember the rumors i heard a few days ago. This is why I hate them. Next time I'm just ignoring rumors no matter the relevance...

Source: Cinemablend via The Playlist

…there is a possibility that Ritchie saw a script for the project and maybe even contemplated doing the gig, but Warner Bros. has confirmed that he will not be directing the project. Instead, we can probably look forward to a few months of speculation as the studio hunts down new blood to take over the project.
That was a quick correction by WB. The idea of Ritchie directing made me quite interested in what he may have developed had he decided to take on this film.

Im really disappointed because i thought he would make the sequel even better. We'll see who will direct the film!

Belgian waffling: 249 days of negotiations, and still no government

Today's post is a bit different and longer. The subject is of course Belgium and 249 Days of NoGov( No Government). We, Belgians, are bit different than Egyptians. We rather laugh with our problems and yes, there are several protests and marches but in a humourous way. The Belgians are also seeking for a possible sound track like: I Just Can't Get Nogov - Depeche Mode, No Gov, No Cry - Bob Marley and Smells like No Gov - Nirvana. Let me post some extracts from StarTribune( Seems like it's a paper from Minneapolis, My family lives there :D)
BRUSSELS - What would be a humiliation for many turned into a party for Belgium Thursday as the country's citizens marked 249 days without a government, a figure that they are treating as a world record in political waffling.

On every other day, the crisis pits the leaders of 6 million Dutch-speakers against those of 4.5 million French speakers, but people from across the country put aside their differences to celebrate the occasion.
In Leuven a long line of students snaked through the central square for a free portion of fries, Belgium's beloved national dish, in a show of gastronomic unity. Across the linguistic border, Belgian beer was expected to flow freely in French-speaking Louvain-la-Neuve.

In Ghent, organizers hope 249 people will strip naked to mark the days of the crisis as part of a party expected to draw thousands.

"Finally world champion" the usually serious De Standaard headlined its Thursday edition, tongue firmly in cheek.

Caretaker Prime Minister Yves Leterme cautioned not to make too much of the day. "Don't overestimate the impact on politicians and decision-makers," he told VRT network.
It is arguable whether 249 really is the world record. Iraq took 249 days to get the outlines of a government agreement last year, but the approval of that government took a further 40 days. Still, the way things are going, Belgium will have little problem claiming the record whichever standard is used.

"We never take ourselves seriously. We are the country of the Smurfs, of Tintin, of Rene Magritte and surrealism. So it is a country that, compared with England or France, we dare to make fun of ourselves," said Brussels politician Luckas Vander Taelen.

"In any country in the world where two peoples live on the same territory, there are always problems. And mostly these problems are solved with a war. And in Belgium we have a history of 180 years without one casualty," he said. "It might be boring, but it is better than a civil war."

On Thursday, though, all thoughts of problems to come were put aside. There was a party going on.

"After that, there is another day. After you have the world record, there is the world record-plus-one, and then you have to start negotiating," Vander Taelen said.
"It takes time. A world record is not a shame," he said.
By Raf Casert , Associated Press

EDIT: It's finished! Behold, my two and a half hour work!

Rumor: Zack Snyder might not do ’300′ sequel

Yes, there is a sequel to 300 in production. It would seem like a ‘no-brainer’ that Zack Snyder would be on board to oversee direction of the film but it seems that’s not the consensus as Cinema Blend is reporting that Snyder might be out and Guy Ritchie might be in.
Source: Cinema Blend

NY Mag says Warner Bros. has offered the 300 sequel directing job to Ritchie, best known as the guy behind such films as Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels and more recently Sherlock Holmes. Ritchie is currently at work on Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows and in theory he’s also supposed to be making Excalibur. So how will he fit Xerxes in? Excalibur could be left by the wayside, if he takes the gig.

Personal note: on smallband for five days, so I can only check a few of your blogs every day( It goes so damn slow :( It took 5 minutes to upload the picture above ) But I'll be back on fullspeed in 5 days so keep on posting because you all have a story to tell, news to bring and amuse the people!

Greatest cinema couples? Valentinian

Who are the greatest couples in cinema? That's the question I'm asking on this beautiful Valentine's Day!
Over the years we've seen several couples rising on the screens like Aladdin and Jasmin, Han and Leia, Wall-E and Eve, Robert T. Ironside and his wheelchair but who do you choose?

I'm picking Honey Bunny and Pumpki. Happy Valentine's Day!

Let's top it with Stormtroopers dancing on Singin' in the Rain

Nothing to Declare Trailer

A Belge-Francophobe customs officer is forced to team up with a Frenchman during the elimination of the Franco-Belge borders in the 90s. The director is Dany Boon, known from French movies like Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fY5cWL4SUmw) and producer for Mic Macs à tire-larigot(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbcsFkh-MBc), both hilarious films. you should give it a chance American. Also, every is subtitled.

Ok, here's the trailer of Rien à Declarer/ Nothing to Declare:

'Snuff' novel from Chuck Palahniuk will become film

Author Chuck Palahniuk has seen two of his novels made into feature films, with wildly different results. The first, 'Fight Club,' has become something of a modern cult classic and earned over $100 million at the box office around the globe. 'Choke,' meanwhile, struggled to find an audience and has become a largely forgotten film. Undaunted, Palahniuk's about to see a third novel of his hit the screen: 2008's 'Snuff.'

Writer/director Fabian Martorell recently updated everyone on the project via ChuckPalahniuk.net, and the update came with some awesome casting news. Daryl Hannah, Thora Birch and Tom Sizemore (!) have all joined the project.

For those who haven't read 'Snuff,' it might be the author's most controversial book. In typical Palahniuk fashion, it goes to places most of us aren't willing to tread and follows some rather unpleasant characters living lives of quiet desperation.

This time out, the author turns his eye on the porn industry. Aging porn star Cassie Wright wants to finish her career with a bang – a gangbang. She's looking to set the world record for most men serviced in one event and has lined up 600 willing participants to help her reach her goal. Amongst those 600 wannabe woodsmen are three individuals – Mr. 72, Mr. 137 and Mr. 600 – who have unique reasons for attending. Palahniuk's tale follows these men as they reminisce in the green room while waiting for their turn with the porn princess. As with most of Palahniuk's work, there are unexpected revelations – both about the individuals and the world at large.

X-Men: First Class Trailer

I'm going to be honest: not a big fan of X-men. I always look at the films saying: meh. it's nice but not super. Just loved seeing Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen all together. I watched Wolverine and i did enjoy that movie. Well, I don't like Superhero movies...voila, its out! I hate Superman, Spiderman and the rest.Too cheesy for me. But i did like Green Hornet, Kick Ass and offcourse The Dark Knight. Because these films are just different. I have this other feeling when i watch them than the regular superhero flick. Maybe it's just me, always saw reading comics as "too nerdy"( same for watching anime and so on... :p)

When i watched the trailer of X-Men: First Class I thought: This might be something
Maybe I just love James McAvoy( Shameless, Wanted), that's probably it :) I don't have a bond, a connection with all the characters.( People will try to kill me, i know :D)

Harry Potter Witch: Pole Dancer

This was just awesome. This Witch( not the b-word, gentlemen, let's stay nice and friendly)changed the whole HP-universe into a stripclub. Comon, admit it, it's pretty awesome. She manages to be tastefully sexy, and show off some wicked pole dancing moves with some half decent effects to boot!

She can use my wand all the time. She can give my Slytherin a Hufflepuff anytime. She can Whomp my Willow anytime. I'm sure she's an expert at casting the "Phallicus Erectus" spell. She can help me cast my Patronus anytime. Ok, enough :D

Superbowl Trailers

Some awesome new film trailers right from the Superbowl. It's for the European People who hasn't seen the Superbowl( except on livestream like myself) -> Also, With the Midshow and Black Eyed Peas Usher jumped on the stage and i thought: "Oh my frikkin balls, Justin Bieber will be after Usher". Lucky for his whiteass he didn't. And I still hate BEP for screweing up the Pulp Fiction soundtrack( Misirlou- Dick Dale)

Anywayz, here we go!( Some of them, not all)
Battle LA ( District 9 with a bigger budget= awesomeness)



Super 8

Cowboys&Aliens ( I frowned at first, but it looks like a hellottafun)


Livestream: GO PACKERS ( Vikings are out, so :( ) There are other streams, but hard to find( I'm from europe so it's hard to find some streams)
 EDIT: Madieu Williams from Minnesota Vikings wins Walter Payton Man Of The Year! Vikings win something :D

Gawd Bless America

Today I found a trailer from Wunderkind Pictures, who put together a strange little documentary that roadtrips America on a mission to show a crazy old man the truth about his consipiracy theories and the supernatural. The doc is called Gawd Bless America.

Its a funny documentary where Blake Freeman takes a 68 year old man across America to discover the truth about his beliefs in psychics, aliens, and paranormal activity. They pull some funny stunts and meet some CRAZY people along the way.

Off the road

Yeah, I'm a bit off the road this week. Less movienews that i give atm... Let's listen to an awesome song instead!
I'm gonna Milk your train, 1967-Grace Slick( Now she's too old)