Good day everyone. As you might have already notices, i'm AFB( Away From Blog). This means that i will post less the coming weeks. Just wanna let you know that i'm not shot by criminals/cops/abducted and probed by aliens/ raped/ killed/ in jail/ Running naked in NYC.

Also, on a serious matter now, i've been writing a small idea on my other blog. It's about my theory of Death. Everything i wrote did happen to me. It's very darkish and i hope you can share your opinion on the subject. And today i saw an episode of The Big Bang Theory, where Sheldon talked about the topic( Immortality by putting yourself in a machine, although my suggestion is a bit different)
Link to blog post:
Big Bang Theory - Sheldon as a Robot S4E2

But let's not abandon you people; This is the latest episode of Film Riot. They're really fun to watch!


Tintin and the five men cheating on their wives

All Belgium News Today

Steven Spielberg - Peter Jackson co-production gets a trailer

The first teaser trailer for Steven Spielberg's The Adventures of Tintin has finally hit the web.

With so little of the movie revealed in the slow-burn marketing, this is the first time we've even had a proper glimpse of our hero's face.

The trailer's at its best when it's lurking in the ominous shadows, making the movie look like it could be a family adventure with real menace.

While the scenery looks undeniably stunning, there's still something disconcertingly lifeless the faces, though to be fair there's not a huge amount of fizzogs on display so perhaps Spielberg and co are still working on it.

The story is written by Steven Moffat( DOCTOR WHO) and Edgar Wright( Scott Pilgrim, HOT FUZZ, SHAUN OTD), PEter jackson is the producer and it will star Jamie Bell as the young reporter,  Daniel Craig, Andy Serkis, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

Personally, i'm really thrilled about this. The worldpremière will be on 26th october  2011 in BELGIUM. which is pretty logical. Americans have to wait until 23 december 2011. This is the list with the release dates:
I'll be at the worldpremiere. Ah comon, you Americans always get the worldpremieres. Let us enjoy this for once.  Here's the video:

American remake "LOFT" shows its cast

New Orleans are turning American remake of Loft. Wentworth Miller, actor from the hit series Prison Break, was recently added to the list actor.

It looks as though the American Loft is on the right track. By Erik Van Looy, currently residing in the U.S., we learn that "everything goes with the movie" and he adds: "Perhaps we begin to run on June 6 in New Orleans. Or the whole movie in the sultry atmosphere of the southern United States is running, is unclear.

Van Looy also added two new names to their list actor: Wentworth Miller and Eric Stone Street. New Yorker Miller is best known for the blockbuster series Prison Break, but he also appeared on ER and Buffy the vampire slayer and he also starred in Resident evil: the afterlife. Eric Stone Street is best known American TV series of the Modern Damily. He is also one of the actors from the upcoming Muppets movie.

Previously it was known that Patrick Wilson, who earlier in the A-Team remake played, and James Marsden, known from X-Men, a role in the American version of the movie, in 2008 our most successful Flemish film ever was, with 1,186,000 viewers.

If everything goes according to plan, the Loft-American with a budget of 15 million U.S. dollars hangs during 2012-in theaters are. Given the success of Flemish Loft in 2008, it could be that the American version comes in our room. The strong basic story is already unchanged: five men renting a loft together where they secretly meet their mistresses. When she's on a bad day the corpse of an unknown woman found in the loft, they begin to suspect each other.

A new name was added yesterday. Matthias Schoenaerts, the actor who played Philip in the Flemish version, will play the same character in the remake. This is fantastic news for the film. One of Belgian's finest actors is getting launched in the Hollywood scène, together with Erik Van Looy. Erik Van Looy was given the director seat for Street Kings with Keanu Reeves but he refused. Talk about making good decisions.



In other news, Belgium still hold the record of "no government". The politicians are still busy biting eachother's nose off. They're letting this guy giving it a try to make a government.

Yes indeed, we're all doomed.

Quickies: Gandalf, Bill Hader and Lady Gaga's Woll Smoth

 Greetings and salutations, viewers! As you might have noticed, Blogger has been offline for a couple of days. Nothing to worry about, we're back now and that's what really matters. So, what is going to happen this week? First of all, i'm going to the première of Pirates Of The Caribbean 4. Hopefully it's back on it's feets after the complex storylines the series had to endure. And i'm still hoping on a Undead Zombie Norrington... Comon, that was a frikkin lame death he received. Really lame. Just loved the whole James Norrington character, don't know why...

alright, enough jibberish, jabberish and Ood's ramblings that has to kill the Doctor because "The House" commands it...( Tonight was a new Doctor Who episode and it was astonishingly good!)

First shot of Ian McKellen as Gandalf 

It seems that Gandalf The Grey is a fan of 3D; in the behind the scenes pic, he’s wearing a nice pair of 3D glasses. Awesome!

McKellen posted this online and said: “The Hobbit is being filmed in 3D. Even wizards have to wear the glasses. Snapped by Peter Jackson in Wellington, 2011.”
Elsewhere in Hobbit land, Martin Freeman has just departed the film's production for a scheduled hiatus, during which he'll return to England for filming of BBC TV series Sherlock. Writes McKellen on his blog:
"Martin Freeman has left The Hobbit. This is not another April Fool, just a May Fact."

"Before signing as Bilbo, Martin had agreed to make three 90-minute TV films in London, again playing Dr Watson to Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock Holmes."

"No worries: he'll be back in Middle Earth after our first hiatus, during which Peter Jackson will have spare time to edit the scenes already completed."

Hugo Weaving returns to Middle Earth

 Sir Ian McKellen has confirmed on his blog that Hugo Weaving will be back as Elrond for The Hobbit.
It’s happy news for fans after months of rumours and speculation, with McKellen stating: "[The next few weeks of shooting] involve dwarves of course but also elves, with Hugo Weaving returning as Elrond."

Weaving has been working steadily since The Lord of the Rings came to an end, and recently completed filming on comic-book action epic, Captain America: The First Avenger.

Bret McKenzie, the singer from Flight Of The Conchords will also return as Lindir. He had three second cameo and the fans called him FIGWIT( Frodo Is Great! Who Is That?)

For Doctor Who fans( YEAH!), seventh doctor Sylvester McCoy has also joined the cast as Radagast the Brown, an old chum of Gandalf the Grey.

The first film of The Hobbit is will be released in 2012, and the second part  in 2013.
      Bill Hader will cameo in Men In Black III

The Saturday Night Live funnyman has been confirmed to portray Andy Warhol in the sci-fi fantasy sequel.

Director Barry Sonnenfeld is currently filming on location in New York with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, who are reprising their roles as Secret Agents J and K respectively.

The plot has been kept a secret, although it is known there is an element of time travel, when the MIB agents are sent back to the year 1969 to save the world once again.

After 2007’s Superbad, Hader is in hot demand having just appeared in the alien comedy Paul, and those Ghostbusters III rumours wont go away. 

Several iconic personalities from the past are expected to appear in MIB3, which will be released May 2012. 2012 is going to be the best year ever.

Tarantino wants Lady Gaga in new film
It's really no surprise that 'Inglourious Basterds' director Quentin Tarantino has so much faith in the singer's acting abilities that he wants her for a part in an upcoming film.

Whether he's eyeing Gaga for a part in his next film, 'Django Unchained,' starring Will Smith and Christoph Waltz,  or another of the many projects he has in the works is unknown.

I know you want her to be a slave master whipping up Will Smoth. Getting it? Im so bad at puns. 

The Quickie News: Vampire Sparrow goes on his final destination

Johnny Depp unsure about making a Pirates 5

Jack Sparrow returns this month in Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides , but the pirate is not sure if he fancies a fifth go at the rum.

The actor said that a few key factors needed to be in place first in order to keep the franchise “special”.

“Boils down to story, script and filmmaker,” he said regarding the topic of a fifth movie. “It's not something where I would say, 'Let's shoot it next month to get it out by Christmas 2012'.

“We should hold off for a bit. They should be special, just like they are special to me."

The actor he had a low-budget idea for the next films:

“I have a clever idea for Pirates 5 and 6. We're actually going to shoot it on the ride in Disneyland. Just us going around in a circle. Just close-ups on everyone.”

Final Destination 5 Trailer Online

FINAL? Y U LIE? They keep on giving us sequels. Do you still care? I don't.

First look at Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

The first official image from Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter hit the web today.

Vampires are hot property right now. Whether it’s sparkles sparkly sparkles in Twilight, awesome tv show True Blood or even a film like Priest,the vampires are invading us.

For those of you who haven’t read the book, the adaptation re-imagines Abraham Lincoln’s resolve to abolish slavery as partly inspired by a personal vendetta. As the image above shows, the adaptation isn't scrimping on period frills.

It’s the first of two Grahame-Smith books on the way, with Pride and Prejudice and Zombies currently being overseen by Fright Night remake director Craig Gillespie.

Directed by Timur Bekmambetov, the film stars newcomer Benjamin Walker, with a supporting cast tha includes Rufus Sewell, Dominic Cooper and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.


Sorry for the inactivity. I'll try to give you quick news for the coming month, because it's too busy for me right now.  Thank you for your comprehension.

Sandman Film School: Weekly Episode

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I've been very busy this week, preparing some interviews and other tasks. But let's stop jabbering about my work and start something new. I'd like to promote a fellow Belgian director. He creates weekly episodes filled with tips and tricks on making films and shortfilms. I promised to do this a few months ago, but this way is much better. He's also starting with a new project called " Hand Of The Devil". You can support the film and get credits for it! Here's the synopsis:
Hand of the Devil is an indie horror/fantastic film in development.
It’s a mysterious and mystique story of exorcism, visualy appealing, immersive in its mise-en-scène and scary! 

Colonel Dastin enters an inn deep into the woods in a remote area of Ardennes,
Belgium with a knife piercing his chest.
The occupants soon realize he’s not himself. A dark force is leading his actions.
Isolated, trapped with a devil, how will they cope with the situation?
Here's his Campaign Presentation:

Hand Of The Devil Special Episode 1: Tips and Tricks

Hand Of The Devil Special Episode 2: Tips and Tricks

Don't forget to subscribe and like the video. It's a great way to learn something about film and it's well explained. Oh Yeah, sorry bout the new background. Is it fun or annoying? :)

1 May 2011, A Historical Day: Tarantino announces new movie

Quentin Tarantino's next will be called Django Unchained

His forthcoming spaghetti western, set to star Christoph Waltz, will be called Django Unchained.

The title was first announced when a mysterious photo of the first page of the script was posted on Twitter, and it was later verified by Tarantino's agency.

The film is said to homage 1966 spag-west Django, as well as Takashi Miike's Sukiyaki Western Django, in which Tarantino had a small role.

From Slashfilm:
"Django is a freed slave, who, under the tutelage of a German bounty hunter (guess who) becomes a bad-ass bounty hunter himself, and after assisting Waltz in taking down some bad guys for profit, is helped by Waltz in tracking down his slave wife and liberating her from an evil plantation owner."

My level of exciteness is overlapping my exciteness for Skyrim. Franco Nero, the original Django, will play a small role in the film. There is no releasedate or whatsoever, so we'll have to wait. Life is a waiting game, you wait the exact moment and then you attack.( The waiting game duration is 10 Years at most). 
Kill Bin Laden gets an early release in movie theatres
Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow is working on a new movie called "Kill Bin Laden". Because of today's historical event, the movie gets an early release. Isn't that great?

The original script gave us the story of a failed try to kill Osama bin Laden. Thanks to the recent developments, the movie will give us a happy ending.

 Opinion Time
I don't know what it was, but when i heard that Osama was dead I had a grin on my face. That bastard took away my TV-time on 9 september 2001. After a long day sitting in school, learning hard math( multiplying and dividing by zero was really hard for me)  i just wanted to sit down before my tv and enjoy me some DuckTales, Pokemon, Digimon, Animaniacs and Darkwing Duck. But some damned bearded man destroyed two towers in New York and now I had to pay for his idiocy. After seeing the video footage, i was kinda shocked. This man deserves to die. I wished he was dead.

After 10 years, they finally got him. It is a historical day for America. I'm European( Belgian) and i cheered loud. I'm a bit of an Americanist. This was the perfect time! The democratic party will boost their reputation and Obama will get his extra four years, the time needed to change the country. What did the Republicans do? Put us in two damn wars... I've seen enough SWINES, CROOKS and WARMONGLERS who became president. 

But America needs to be prepared. The whole world needs to be prepared. I expect a counterattack. We've destroyed a symbolic leader and that stings for Al Qaeda, but the organisation is not dead. It's not like you kill SAURON and every orc runs away in fear. But America has proven itself again. I'm proud of you Americans. You can close the 9/11 chapter now. To end our story i have a small comparison with Season Two of Dexter. Dexter took revenge on the killer of his mother, just to close that chapter and let his mind rest. It's nearly the same with what happened today.
Twitter joke time:
At least he got to see the royal wedding before he went out.'
'Bin Laden must have had his contact info in his PSN (PlayStation) account.' 
'A prince gets married, the bad guy is dead. It’s real Disney weekend here on earth.'
'Buried at sea? I thought they were going to do a US tour of Osama's body and let us all poke it with a stick.'
'RIP Osama bin Laden, World Hide and Go Seek Champion (2001-2011).'

I know its satire and all, but come on :D