Le retour de Bond, Man in Black III and Jackie Chan is serious

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Hello and welcome once again to Movie Monstrosity, your source for awesome movienews only for YOU because you are the best. No doubt.

So you know what's coming, right? What if i tell you that there will not be a FilmState huh? Wouldn't that be a hard nut to crack? Missing an awesome FilmState episode with a pretty damn funny Domain.com commercial in the middle of the episode. Domain.com, the best domain provider in the universe. Yes, even Cubans use domain.com. So does this mean you're dumber than a commie ? YES IT DOES. Be smart and get a domain.com address.

I should get paid by domain.com. Anyway, my point is: I'm not going to take away your fun of watching a FilmState episode. Enjoy!

Men in Black III and it's retro aliens

Make-up designer Rick Baker talks about his work on MIBIII and is quite happy about the time travelling element.

Time Travelling? Yes, the third part of the franchise will send Agent J back the Golden Sixties, where he meets the Young Agent K( Josh Brolin ) and Andy Warhol( Bill Hader). Did i mention Jemaine Clement will be in there too ( from Flight Of The Conchords )? The movie will have a 60s retro look. 

“The thing that’s cool is there is a time travel element. Where I had fun is that we go back to the Men In Black headquarters of the ’60s," said Rick Baker.
"The first thing I said is that we should have retro aliens not aliens of 2012, more based on B-movies of the ’50s and ’60s. So a lot of the aliens are based on that - space suits with fish bowl helmets and ray guns.”
Rick Baker was the special make-up designer of Tropic Thunder( Anyone who did Downey Jr.'s make up should get an award), Norbit, Hellboy, The Ring, Planet Of The Apes, MIB I and II, Ed Wood and many more.

Michael K. Williams will appear in Django Unchained

Quentin Tarantino does not want to let Michael K. Williams go and wrote him a new role. He was chosen to be the main lead character first.
“It came down to Jamie and I for Django, and [Tarantino] was gracious enough to call me and tell me that ‘Jamie was his nigger.' Will Smith expressed some interest, but it came down to Jamie Foxx and I, like QT told me this personally out of his mouth over lunch.”
“QT has asked me to keep my diary clear in early 2012.  I’ve been given a timeline. January through April. I’ve been given some dates when he’s going to want me to work but I haven’t gotten the official word yet.”
Williams does not want to tell a thing about his role. So it will be a surprise! Django Unchained will be released on 25 December 2012. If you are still alive after 21 December 2012, you should go watch it in a burning theatre, like Inglorious Basterds ended.

Jackie Chan goes 1911

The first trailer for the war film 1911 has appeared online with Jackie Chan playing a serious role. Yeah, i'm dead serious about this.
The film marks the 100th anniversary of the Xinhai Revolution and the founding of the Republic of China. It's also the 100th film of Chan.
Jackie Chan, plays Huang Xing, the first commander-in-chief of the army of the Republic of China.
1911 opens on 23 September 2011 in China and on 12 October in the US.

Bond 23 Girl is French

Daniel Craig is getting ready for the 23th Bond film. The film will be released in 2012, this year being the 50th Anniversary of the James Bond film series. Expect something special.

Bond 23 is back up and running it's time for the casting directors to look for that perfect actress. And that perfect actress will be Berenice Marlohe, a young French TV actress who has recently made the transition from television to films. 

The cast at the moment is Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, Javier Bardem and Ralph Fiennes. Cross

The Second Centipede and Lone Ranger is back?

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It looks like it's a meagre week this time for film news. Excuse me, for interesting film news. Normally I select the best news( for my viewers ) from several sites but this time it's a bit boring and dull...

For example: One for The Money releases a trailer. It's a romantic comedy. So what's the plot? It's about a bounty hunter who tracks down her former lover. Oh wait, sound a lot like The bounty Hunter with Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler. It's one of those "let's watch these with the girlfriend because the gf likes romcoms and I wanna chill on the couch and do nothing else" movies. Yeah. so if you're interested: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=One+for+The+Money+trailer

Full trailer released for.......
Wait a second. It seems that i have forgotten something but i can't remember what. Huh. That's strange. Let's redo that.
Full trailer released for........
OH YEAH. The new FilmState offcourse! Stupid me! And I just love the movie game. You choose a random actor and try to get to Steven Spielberg on Imdb in the least amount of clicks.

Official trailer The Human Centipede 2 out

A new trailer has been posted online for The Human Centipede Part 2: Full Sequence, the shockhorror film from Dutch director Tom Six. 

The First Sequence was quite the shocker for the audience. Will this be even worse? We've seen the reactions of the Australian people a few weeks ago and the results are...definitly not normal.

The Plot? A man saw the first sequence and got inspired to do the same. That's it. It's filmed in black and white to give the film that certain horror vibe.

This movie has been banned in the UK so British people have to get their tickets abroad.

The director also said that he was ready for Part 3, which will go far over the line. We can't wait. 

MMB Opinion: The actor's eyes or just his look is similar to Michael "Benjamin Linus" Emerson. Just a mere moment in the trailer.

Old Spice inspired TV-spot for Puss In Boots

Back to the normal stuff. The Shrek spin-off Puss In Boots released it's new Tv-spot and it's quite groovy.

When i heard about this spin-off, i thought they were miling the series out. I thought we had enough of Shrek and it's fairy tales. Time for something new.

But this way of thinking changed. I am quite impressed by Antonia Banderas and the awesome kitty.

New set photos from The Dark Knight Rises

You know what? I had it with these motherf***** spoilers on this motherf***** sets. I've looked at these because it's a journalist's nature to do so but please, they're just too many spoilers. I've seen catwoman in normal suit, some kind of weapon in a truck and shots from the Batwing.

I know it will look completely different than in real life but these are still spoilers and i want to be surprised in theaters. I'm going to provide you with the link but you don't have to click on it.

Disney's The Lone Ranger is back on track

A while ago we reported that The Lone Ranger was dead and the project was put on hold. But it seems now that it's back in action. 

 A project from Depp-Bruckheimer-Verbinski cancelled? My first thought was nuts. I mean, it's a perfect combo and if they could bring the spirit of the first Pirates into The Lone Ranger, well that would be magical. But the primary concern was the budget ( 250 million )

Bruckheimer and Verbinski were able to chop the budget down to 215 million, which is still a lot. 

I mean, with such an amount of money you could make eight awesome movies. My expectations will be that high. 

Johnny Depp (Tonto), Armie Hammer(Lone Ranger) and Ruth Wilson (Luther) are expected to be back.

It's unknown if it will hit it's original December 2012 release date. Let's hope not because that month is stoked with awesome movie releases. ( Hobbit, Django Unchained, World War Z, Les Miserables )

Let's end with an awesome thing: nudes of Scarlett Johansson. 
EDIT: Sorry, one minute after the upload i had to take them down from the FBI. Or else they'll confiscate my pc. But hey, i got an alternative. A song about her! From Jacksfilms, Tobuscus, SeanKlitzner, Jason Horton and Tay Zonday.

It's more than a feeling

Hello you Moviefans. This is a completely different and small post on what i have been doing today. Not interested? Alright, here's  a picture of a frog. You should stare at it.

I'd like to let you know that college starts again tomorrow and....................................
this will not affect the blog. Didn't expect that huh? Normally you'd expect that i would talk about less posts and activity dropping which is normal blog behaviour( I have a Phd in Blog Psychology ) and then they'll never post again but no! Not in my case!

So, in the past i've talked about Filmtopia, a new dutch filmblog which would see the light soon but i'm putting it on hold. Instead, i started blogging again on my other blog, Gonzo Style.

I recenty discovered that the blog had alot of activity ( 1/3th of MMB ) so i'm restarting this one. Expect a weekly post over there. Here's the new post:  ( I'm reviewing Final Destination 5 so it still has something to do with movies!)

I'll check your comments and view your blog tomorrow so don't worry if i'm a bit late on replying to your blogs. Oh and before i forget, i'm designing some t-shirts at the moment and they'll be available soon. Might do some give aways once in a while.

Et voila. We are through for today. I leave you with this.( And apologies for the English, i made a few grammatical mistakes but hey, this post is a bit off the road, doesn't matter! )

Scarface Rises, Girl with The Dragon Tattoo, Zombiefest and Community!

Welcome back to MMB for your 
bi-weekly injection of  movie news! 
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No BFX for this week because most of them were useless for us, except if you're interested in filming a fight scene or watching a 21-minute long episode of Mad Monster Lab on make up( skimmed it). In fact, the fight scene could be useful... Ok let's share them quickly!

And now, let's watch some great FilmState trailers!

Universal wants new Scarface movie
 I'm Tony Montana! You fuck with me, you fuckin' with the best!

Universal is preparing a third Scarface movie, which will be reimagined for modern times like Brian De Palma did. The Original Scarface was a film noire released in 1932. This movie took place in Chicago, back then the haven for gangsters.

The producer will be Martin Bregman, the one who was responsible for the 1983 remake so that's good news.

I'm kind of interested to see what they will do with it. as Tony Montana would say: "Universal best not f*** this movie up!"

This is just a side note but ROCKSTAR, WHY U NO MAKE GTA: VICE CITY 2?

Girl With The Dragon Tattoo gets full trailer

 The full trailer has been spotted on the internet for David Fincher's Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. While the first trailer/teaser was packed with action this one has a slower pace, giving it time to explain the plot. I know the story from end to beginning so i'm not surprised anymore but i know some of you will.

All eyes are on Lisbeth Salander( Rooney Mara), and Mara might be able to perform a good Salander, but she'll be always in the shadows of Noomi Rapace's brilliant performance in the Swedish trilogy.

Daniel Craig keeps the English accent as Rooney Mara has that Swedish-English accent which contributes great to the trailer. And the soundtrack...wow.

The Rum Diary poster and TV spot
A new poster has been released online for johnny Depp's The Rum Diary and a Tv Spot. Shawoowiee
Still don't like the first song but the other song fits the glove.

Milla Jovovich talks Resident Evil 5

The Resident Evil 5 actress has been updating her fans on Twitter about what they can expect in the upcoming movie.

So, what has she shared? Let's take a look.

* he Umbrella Corporation kidnaps K-Mart (Spencer Locke), Chris Redfield (Wentworth Miller) and Claire (Ali Larter).
* Jensen Ackles won't be playing former Raccoon City cop Leon Scott Kennedy(but  character will appear in the film. )
* Albert Wesker (Shawn Roberts) returns from Resident Evil: Afterlife
* S.T.A.R.S. weapons specialist Barry Burton and agent Ada Wong both appear, with no word on casting yet. 
* Colin Salmon plays James 'One' Shade, having last played the role in the 2002 Resident Evil movie. 
* Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory) will become one of the main antagonists. 

Resident Evil: Retribution is currently shooting in Canada and director Paul W.S. Anderson is listening to fan feedback. Well, here is mine: No more 3D. The movie was meh. I want it to go back to the first film, that claustrofobic feel being stuck in a research facility underground with a bunch of zombies surrounding you... 

Yeah, that was awesome. And i hated the short hair look in RE4. but loved Chris Redfield and i'm rambling on and on :D

also, the costume for RE3 was ffin hot and awesome at the same time. Why can't she wear that the whole time, seriously :D

Walking Dead New Promo
You know how i feel about this series? I feel like a zombie tearing up heads for those delicious raw brain. MOOOOOOOOORRRRREEEEEE

Community Season 3 is awesome
If you watched The Big Bang Theory yesterday then you have no idea that NBC has a much better alternative: Community! It's original, awesome, creative and geniunly funny! And it's stuffed with references like 2001: A Space Odyssey, Cougar Town, Doctor Who( Inspector Spacetime) and the awesomeness of John Goodman covered. OH, and Annie's Boobs. And the other video is an awesome remix of S1&S2 :D

Muppets go Mental, Rec Tres: The Wedding and more Tintin

Welcome back to MMB for your 
bi-weekly injection of  movie news! 
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I started this blog on 9 October 2010, nearly a year ago, and i've been looking through my old posts. Most of the old followers and commenters are long gone, only a few are still up and running. ( Bonjour Tristesse and Lvl 85 Nerd ) So most of you don't know what will happen with this Blog in October. These festivities will start on 10 October, which is pretty soon. So you're warned! 

Another issue that i want to discuss is the shortfilm i'm making. At the moment we're out of money and we are still collecting our gear and props. So we kinda need your help on this. If you like to donate i've added a button to this blog. The donation will go to Spring Hill Entertainment, our Indie production company. Every dollar is welcome and you will be added to the credits!

But hey, if you don't have a Paypal or don't want to pay, there are other ways to help a fellow Blogger reach his goals *wink*

Alright, back the movies with a smashing new episode of FilmRiot! ( you'll see why it's smashing )


This just in: DiCaprio’s J Edgar trailer online 

The trailer for Leonardo DiCaprio's J Edgar went online yesterday. Exciting news for every Eastwood Fan, including me!

DiCaprio commands the screen as the young J Edgar in this long-awaited movie from Clint Eastwood.

Is this going to be the Oscar grabber of 2011? Let's cross our fingers for Leonardo! He may win his first Oscar. But let's be honest, the last quarter of 2011 will be very competive!

New Muppets trailer parodies Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

  I love these trailer parodies of The Muppets. The Marketing division is doing a great job promoting the Muppets. I love it! And i saw some Neil Patrick Harris.

Oh yeah, before i forget, the seventh season on How I Met Your Mother has begun this weekend. I still have to watch the first two episodes though. ItT's going to be Legen-wait for it - Dary! ( both The Muppets and HIMYM )

More Tintin pictures online

A Tintin image gallery has been found online. I am so excited for this CG movie!
I just love Haddock!

The Adventures Of Tintin: The Secret Of The Unicorn opens on 26 October 2011.

Rec 3: Genesis teaser trailer online 

The first teaser trailer for Spanish horror [REC]³ GĂ©nesis has appeared online. 

It looks different than the previous Rec movies, both of which were located inside an infected apartment block. At first sight they removed the first-person look which is weird. I wouldn't call my movie Rec if you ain't gonna use handcams. It's just a teaser so we'll see.

Nick Cage bites The Expendables'necks, Source Code on TV and Wild West gets Pulp Fictioned

Welcome back to MMB for your 
bi-weekly injection of  movie news! 
Don't worry, the needle is sterile.

Yeah, i'm quitting the alliteration titles. It was a good experiment but i had to shut it off *cries*. I'm going to watch some FilmState to get over my sadness... What? Twilight Trailer?? *Screams, cries and falls of a cliff* what, you can skip the trailer to 3:59 and then see Ryan Connolly beats the shit out of this movie? AWESOME!

Nic Cage and John Travolta for Expendables 2

Sylvester Stallone has stated he wants to re-unite Face/Off leads Nic Cage and John Travolta in Expendables 2.The only problem is scheduling for now.

Sylvester Stallone also confirmed that Van Damme and Norris will be in the sequel.

Stallone said: "We’ll have a big showdown between me and Van Damme, which has been anticipated for a long time, so it should be a good one."
“We’ve got Chuck Norris and I think Nic Cage and we’re trying to work out different scenarios. I like using people that had a moment and then maybe have fallen on some hard times and give them another shot."

About Travolta he said: “It’s possible. The one thing I’ve learned is what is a fact on Monday is a complete fallacy on Tuesday. A lot of it is scheduling. It’s not financial.”

Hey Sylvester, you should watch your words. It seems that Mr. Cage is a Vampire and has been running around on this world for a very long time.  This picture is from 1860-1870. If you wanna buy it, go to this link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Nicolas-Cage-is-a-Vampire-Photo-from-1870-Tennessee/260821098271?ssPageName=WDVW&rd=1&ih=016&category=409&cmd=ViewItem
Original c.1870 carte de visite showing a man who looks exactly like
Nick Cage. Personally, I believe it's him and that he is some sort of
walking undead / vampire, et cetera, who quickens / reinvents
himself once every 75 years or so. 150 years from now, he might
be a politician, the leader of a cult, or a talk show host.

 Source Code becomes TV series


The pitch is as follows: “Three former federal agents who are part of a top-secret program use Source Code technology to jump into the consciousness of people involved in tragic events.” 

 Mark Gordon (Grey’s Anatomy) will producer  and Steve Maeda (Lost, Lie to Me) will be the head of the writing team. It will be on screen in 2012.

This movie made me think about life and death and it's possibilities. And i want to see it again.

Good and Bad but no Ugly News for Django Unchained

This is no surprise to all of us but Samuel L. Jackson has confirmed for Django Unchained. This will be the fifth time they will work together. 

Samuel will play Stephen, a house-slave for the sadistic slave-owner Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio)

Jackson officially joins an already awesome cast, including Jamie Foxx as Django, Christoph Waltz as a German bounty hunter,and Kevin Costner as... what? I just got a report that Kevin Costner will not appear in this movie. He walks away from a Tarantino movie.

Kevin Costner, rumoured to be playing Ace Woody (crew member of the villaineous Candle), has passed the picture, blaming it on 'scheduling conflicts.'
It looks like Costner would rather make a TV movie (The Hatfields & The McCoys) for the History Channel. But Kevin is also appearing in Zack Snyder's Superman reboot Man Of Steel.
Tarantino will now have to find a new Ace. It's a shame. I liked Kevin Costner in The Postman ( Come on, i was 7 years old! ) and Wyatt Earp. I really loved him in those roles. But hey, let's start the gossipping. Who would be perfect for Ace Woody? Please comment in the doobly doo!

The DIY FX Show: Not So Great Job!

Welcome to our weekly Do It Yourself FX Show. Due to late posts by some of the Youtubers i can only show some helpful tutorials. but do not panic, my dear friends! There's an epic short film, a Filmriot episode on car chases ( really helpful) and a Movie Quest Episode. Oh yeah, let's not forget the Fallout: Nuka Break webseries! Hmm, Should i start with the epic short film or not... Oh what the hell, offcourse we"ll start with the epic short!

Losses is a short film Written/Directed/Shot/Edited by Film Riot's Ryan Connolly. Shot for less than $200 in an extremely short amount of time, with only friends and family volunteering to help out as the crew! Losses is an exercise in how professional a project can be with as little resources as possible. 

They had the Red Epic ( Which is a professional camera) borrowed from Eric Kessler. Do you know what this means? A VERY SPECIAL RESOLUTION TO WATCH THE MOVIE AND IT'S MINDBLOWING. A MILE STONE ON YOUTUBE!

    Film Riot brings you the best DIY filmmaking tips to help you do movie, video and film special effects on the cheap. It's not just how-to though. Delivered by real film makers, the show is interesting, entertaining, and wrapped in a hilarious easy to swallow coating. A how-to filmmaking from the hyper-active mind of Ryan Connolly.
      As i already said in the intro, this episode concerns car chases and car scenes. This was truly amazing and useful for me, because the first scene of my short is all about car chases. There's even an idea which i had for my film explained. I had no clue how to do the idea but now i do. It's the getting into the car quite fast using cuts. Have Fun watching this.

      Moviequest replaces BackYard FX at Indymogul's channel. Movie Quest is the show where they give you a topic and you submit your favorite Youtube videos around that theme! And your hosts, Russell Hasenauer and Chad Newhall, make a brand new short film based on that theme, each and every week! Ain't that awesome?

        Parkers Tutorials

        Parkers Tutorials is a DIY Effects show obviously created by Parker. The spirit of Backyard Effects remains in this young fellow.

        'Fallout: Nuka Break' the series - Episode Two
        You're psyched for it. I can feel it. well then, let's watch Episode Two!

        Teutonic Tuesday

        Welcome back to MMB for your 
        bi-weekly injection of  movie news! 
        Don't worry, the needle is sterile.

        Yeah, you kinda know what's coming next , right? This episode of FilmState was so good. Even better than...well...[ awkward pause ]...uhm... Let's watch it!

          Lion King in full 3D

        The Lion King returns to theatres on Sept. 16 and with specially designed 3D glasses.  Is this really neccessary or will it change the lives of a new generation? I don't know. Wait and see we shall. ( And if you don't get it: This was a reference to George Lucas screwing up his beloved "Sixology" with fancy shmancy 3D FX) Modern Warfare 3

        The Lion King grossed more than $783 million worldwide. Additionally, Disney reports that the DVD is the best-selling home entertainment release of all time. So the special two-week theatrical extravaganza will serve as a strong launch pad for the Oct. 4 release of the movie in high-definition Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D.

        “The all-new 3D format immerses viewers in the epic settings and puts them face-to-face with these beloved characters,” said Bob Chapek, president of distribution, The Walt Disney Studios. “It’s the must-see, must-own title for everyone.”

        Bob, let's hope you're right. Will this be the start of a whole bunch of disney classics turning into 3D? Sign me up for 101 Dalmatians. I will be blind at the end of the movie because of the black and whiteness but hey, who cares.

        New Muppets pictures online

        It seems we have an excessive pack of old kid shows coming at your screen today. More Muppet pictures have appeared online and these confirm that Kermit will perform a banjo musical number. Hopefully this will succeed whereas The Smurfs have failed.

        Rumour TDKR: Bane will have a voice box

        Tom Hardy's Bane will sound scarier than Uwe Boll directing a film called Auschwitz ( Seriously, what is wrong with that guy http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1722426/), a combination of Germany's worst events. alright, i liked Postal but just as a mindless movie, nothing more. Back to quality movies! 

        The actor is apparently using a voice box to control the pitch and tone of Bane's villainous vocals.
        Bane's voice needs to be intimidating, to match Bale's intense delivery of Batman's lines, as the characters are supposed to be equals in the terror stakes. 
        I'm expecting a face-to-face growl battle between Batman and Bane to decide who growls the best. And then they'll start a heavy metalcore band named Batman & Bane's Broseph's, playing in the finest clubs and bars in Gotham City. Boomshakawaka.

        James Cameron on Titanic 3D

        James Cameron has spoken to Techradar.com ans answered some of our questions on The 3D-conversion of Titanic. Again, neccessary or waste of time? I've seen that boat sink three times in my life, I don't need this. I don't wanna be on that boat, i wanna be in Pandora.

        Techrader interviewed Cameron and asked him some questions on the upcoming re-release of Titanic 3D. On the 3d-conversion process, he said: really don’t enjoy the process."

        “While Vince [Pace – co-founder of the Cameron-Pace Group for 3D tech] and I sit gleefully watching our 3D images being shot, a conversion is the exact opposite.

        “I am five months in so the artists are becoming good and starting to read my mind a little, so it has become easier, but I still sit there with the jog wheel and look through the movie frame by frame and make notes on depth.

        “That should be closer, that should be further back, there's not enough full depth here, there is not enough volume on that shoulder, a little more volume on that urn in the background, see that chair in the background on the left, no the other one on the left, that one needs to come forward another six inches… when the captain stands up we have to do an interlocular dynamic, da da, da da, da da… it's fricking endless!

        “It's a mind-numbing process; it's like mowing the lawn with a toenail clipper.”

        “Clash Of The Titans was a classic mistake. They tried to make 3D a post-production process like sound editing and that doesn't work. The film-maker has to be involved and it takes time and good money to do a proper conversion.”

          The Walking Dead Poster Online

         Great, now i want to hear Wye Oak - Civilian again. I fell in love with the song because of The Walking Dead trailer. If you want to read more about it, go to this link http://hollywood-spy.blogspot.com/2011/09/new-walking-dead-poster-highlander.html

        Apologies for the laziness! It's getting quite late for me and my hands are shaking just out of sheer excitement for The Walking Dead. Go play some Dead Island to get prepared. I know i will


        Doctor Who is awesome


        I've been giving this show a LOT of credit but i just love it. The second part of series six has already started and this week's episode will air Saturday, on BBC One and BBC America. I was planning to write a complete review but i forgot to do it. Here's the trailer to episode four.

        Alright, it's time to end this post. And yes, we're going to end it with a smile. Zinger, a Belgian pop (‘copy paste pop’. ) band, recently won a big contest. I had to share this because the lead singer was one of my English teachers. Enjoy!