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No BFX for this week because most of them were useless for us, except if you're interested in filming a fight scene or watching a 21-minute long episode of Mad Monster Lab on make up( skimmed it). In fact, the fight scene could be useful... Ok let's share them quickly!

And now, let's watch some great FilmState trailers!

Universal wants new Scarface movie
 I'm Tony Montana! You fuck with me, you fuckin' with the best!

Universal is preparing a third Scarface movie, which will be reimagined for modern times like Brian De Palma did. The Original Scarface was a film noire released in 1932. This movie took place in Chicago, back then the haven for gangsters.

The producer will be Martin Bregman, the one who was responsible for the 1983 remake so that's good news.

I'm kind of interested to see what they will do with it. as Tony Montana would say: "Universal best not f*** this movie up!"

This is just a side note but ROCKSTAR, WHY U NO MAKE GTA: VICE CITY 2?

Girl With The Dragon Tattoo gets full trailer

 The full trailer has been spotted on the internet for David Fincher's Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. While the first trailer/teaser was packed with action this one has a slower pace, giving it time to explain the plot. I know the story from end to beginning so i'm not surprised anymore but i know some of you will.

All eyes are on Lisbeth Salander( Rooney Mara), and Mara might be able to perform a good Salander, but she'll be always in the shadows of Noomi Rapace's brilliant performance in the Swedish trilogy.

Daniel Craig keeps the English accent as Rooney Mara has that Swedish-English accent which contributes great to the trailer. And the

The Rum Diary poster and TV spot
A new poster has been released online for johnny Depp's The Rum Diary and a Tv Spot. Shawoowiee
Still don't like the first song but the other song fits the glove.

Milla Jovovich talks Resident Evil 5

The Resident Evil 5 actress has been updating her fans on Twitter about what they can expect in the upcoming movie.

So, what has she shared? Let's take a look.

* he Umbrella Corporation kidnaps K-Mart (Spencer Locke), Chris Redfield (Wentworth Miller) and Claire (Ali Larter).
* Jensen Ackles won't be playing former Raccoon City cop Leon Scott Kennedy(but  character will appear in the film. )
* Albert Wesker (Shawn Roberts) returns from Resident Evil: Afterlife
* S.T.A.R.S. weapons specialist Barry Burton and agent Ada Wong both appear, with no word on casting yet. 
* Colin Salmon plays James 'One' Shade, having last played the role in the 2002 Resident Evil movie. 
* Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory) will become one of the main antagonists. 

Resident Evil: Retribution is currently shooting in Canada and director Paul W.S. Anderson is listening to fan feedback. Well, here is mine: No more 3D. The movie was meh. I want it to go back to the first film, that claustrofobic feel being stuck in a research facility underground with a bunch of zombies surrounding you... 

Yeah, that was awesome. And i hated the short hair look in RE4. but loved Chris Redfield and i'm rambling on and on :D

also, the costume for RE3 was ffin hot and awesome at the same time. Why can't she wear that the whole time, seriously :D

Walking Dead New Promo
You know how i feel about this series? I feel like a zombie tearing up heads for those delicious raw brain. MOOOOOOOOORRRRREEEEEE

Community Season 3 is awesome
If you watched The Big Bang Theory yesterday then you have no idea that NBC has a much better alternative: Community! It's original, awesome, creative and geniunly funny! And it's stuffed with references like 2001: A Space Odyssey, Cougar Town, Doctor Who( Inspector Spacetime) and the awesomeness of John Goodman covered. OH, and Annie's Boobs. And the other video is an awesome remix of S1&S2 :D

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  1. Rumdiary trailer was more like that gangster movie he starred recently. Johnny Depp - he is new Robert Di Niro?
    Resident Evil- Give it up already.

  2. great post , love RESIDENT EVIL the game but the movie.... its cool :D

  3. New scarface makes me uncomfortable.. And the girl with the dragon tattoo interests me.

  4. I'm so hyped for GWTDT
    I wish they would just stop butchering Resident Evil though.

  5. If they do a new Scarface I think it will proably stink. Been too long since the original.

  6. WOOOT WOOT! Resident Evil 5!!! I'm so there! dont care if its anygood! I'm watching it!

  7. Im excited about Walking Dead. Like really excited.
    Regarding Scarface, at first seemed like a great idea, but after a second thought, it's better to leave it like that. Don't taint a classic.

  8. Not excited about any of these. Except maybe a little bit for Walking Dead season 2

  9. The dragon tattoo movie is interesting but has a lot to live up to though, good news though sir.

  10. Whats the guy in the first video's problem with David Zayas? David Zayas rules!

  11. No idea, probably haven't seen Dexter

  12. I'm still waiting for the Dexter movie to come out!

  13. I've seen some of those trailers before and some of them I can't wait to see.

  14. A new Scarface could be good, this would be one of the few remakes that I would actually watch.

  15. The Walking Dead is how zombies should be, not that Resident Evil bollocks.

  16. This is so cool! What a great video! Thanks for finding it and thanks for the update!


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