Exploitation Extober Special: The Baby Diaper Issue

"Nothing on Earth so beautiful as the final haul on Halloween night."

Before I go on, go to a story ;buy yourself some baby diapers and put some on. I just don't want things to get messy. Y'now? I also want you to close your eyes for a second.

I know where you live and I'm standing right behind you at this precise moment. Y'now?

Oh wait, you've closed your eyes so you can't see this text...Then I'll have to whisper it in your ears... Y'now? But FIRST, let's watch the final episode of Bloodtober, there's plenty of time left to kill you! *ties you on a chair*

Last post I said I wouldn't be doing any more Exploitation Extobers. Naah, i kid my lack of not posting! We're going to watch some terrifying movie trailer/scenes together and not  Prepare to shitzle your diapshle!( That sounded better in my head )

The Brood(1979) 

A man tries to uncover an unconventional psychologist's therapy techniques on his institutionalized wife, while a series of brutal attacks committed by a brood of mutant children coincides with the husband's investigation. 

It's about mutant children killing everybody. If I didn't had my daily Nickelodeon(back when i was a kid, ahum) I would go mad too!

The Haunting (1963) 

Dr. Markway, doing research to prove the existence of ghosts, investigates Hill House, a large, eerie mansion with a lurid history of violent death and insanity. With him are the skeptical young Luke, who stands to inherit the house, the mysterious and clairvoyant Theodora and the insecure Eleanor, whose psychic abilities make her feel somehow attuned to whatever spirits inhabit the old mansion. As time goes by it becomes obvious that they have gotten more than they bargained for as the ghostly presence in the house manifests itself in horrific and deadly ways. 

Everything in this film is perfect. The set, the acting, the direction, the creepy atmosphere... it's great!

Event Horizon (1997) 

A rescue crew investigates a spaceship that disappeared into a black hole and has now returned...with someone or something new on-board. 

I watched this movie when I was a kid and I had nightmares... a lot of them! This is such an underrated horrormovie. Yes it's from Paul WS Anderson but here's a shameful secret: I like most of his movies ( Except Mortal Kombat). He did a brilliant job on the first Resident Evil. I wish the story line would go back to the basics and not this "runnin around the world action packed movie". Anyway, you should watch this movie. But don't watch it three times in a row. You might encounter Bloody Mary....

Rec (2007)

"REC" turns on a young TV reporter and her cameraman who cover the night shift at the local fire station. Receiving a call from an old lady trapped in her house, they reach her building to hear horrifying screams -- which begin a long nightmare and a uniquely dramatic TV report."

 A friend of mine recommended this movie. There's also an American version out but don't watch it. Read this Youtube Comment if you're not convinced: 
I saw REC before I saw Quarantine... I almost pissed my pants when I watched REC... I fell asleep during Quarantine. Lol :x

Misery (1990)

A famous novelist is "rescued" from a car crash by an obsessed fan. 

I haven't seen this one yet. I know, I know! I'm going to buy it tommorow and watch it immediatly! 

The Vanishing (1988)

Rex and Saskia, a young couple in love, are on vacation. They stop at a busy service station and Saskia is abducted. After three years and no sign of Saskia, Rex begins receiving letters from the abductor. 

I've read the novel and it was pretty fun. The movie is even better!

Wolf Creek (2005)

Stranded backpackers in remote Australia fall prey to a murderous bushman who offers to fix their car, then takes them captive. 

This is a real story. More than 3000 people disappear every year in the deserts of Australia. They don't all get lost and die of exhaustion, do they? 

And those were the last trailers of Exploitation Extober 2011! It was bit shorter than last year but hey, we had some fun!  Have a Happy Halloween you all! 

And I'm letting you loose. Untieing the ropes as we speak I'm not going to kill you.Not yet. I won't tell you when, I won't tell you how, and I won't tell you where. It will be a complete surprise for you. You do like surprises, yeah? Well, you're going to love my surprise! Hihihihi.

How do you like them pumpkins?

Next post we'll be talking about the Tintin world premiere in Belgium!( Happened on 22 October, but did not had the time to do a special ;) )

Exploitation Extober Special: Slashers!

Welcome once again to MMB, the blog which provides the newest newly news in history ever. Well, not really though! It's new news, but you might have noticed that i haven't been able to post this week. I feel sad because i can't provide you with the awesomeness of last Exploitation Extober

Well, i'm trying to make this up to you. Firstly, i'd like to present Bloodtober, the alternative version of EE! This is only the first episode, you can find more lolzworthy episodes on their playlist. ( It's a fun storyline between both brothers and yes, Ryan is the crazy one )

The Best Slashers of the Century
A slasher film is a type of horror film typically involving a psychopathic killer stalking and killing a sequence of victims in a graphically violent manner, often with a cutting tool such as a knife or axe.

The mother of the slasher film is Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho!(1960). Another one is Peeping Tom(1960) and the earliest slasher film  Thirteen Women(1932). The Slasher genre especially grew in the sixties and seventies. There were several subgenres, like Italian Giallo. The most important one of the giallo's was Blood And Black Lace. ( I'm not going to name the obvious movies like Nightmare on Elm Street )


The Story: Blood and Black Lace  is a 1964 Italian thriller film directed by Mario Bavahe story concerns the stalking and brutal murders of various scantily-clad fashion models, committed by a masked killer in a desperate attempt to obtain a scandal-revealing diary.The film is generally considered one of the earliest and most influential of all giallos, and served as a stylistic template for the “body count” slasher films of the 1980’s
The AwesomenessThe masked man was an inspiration for many filmmakers and comic writers. He kind of looks like Rorschach from Watchmen, doesn't he?  The movie was voted #85 among "The 100 Scariest Movie Moments" by the Bravo Channel.

BLACK CHRISTMAS( nope, not a blaxploitation!)

The Story:A sorority house is terrorized by a stranger who makes frightening phone calls and then murders the sorority sisters during Christmas break.

The Awesomeness: It does look "boring" in 2011, right? Well', you have to realize that we are resistant against violence now. "Thanks" to violent tv-series, games and music we can handle it. I heard some complaints that these oldies are not scary enough. I know, that's the whole point of EE.

The Story: A motley crew of tourists embark on a boat ride of the haunted Louisiana bayous where they learn the terrifying tale of local legend "Victor Crowley"; a horribly disfigured man who was tragically and accidentally killed with a hatchet by the hands of his own father. But when the boat sinks and the ghost story turns out to be real, the group tries desperately to escape the swamp with their lives...and all of their pieces. Hatchet marks the return of Old School American Horror. Stay out of the swamp...
The Awesomeness A whole swamp of fun! It's a fun slasher movie but nothing more. Definitly not the return of Old School American Horror. but it's a fun film! Anyhow, it's from 2007. slasher films are very much alive!


The Story: On the surface Leslie Vernon (Nathan Baesel) seems like your average, small-town, nice guy. He has goals, ambition and aspirations to... follow in the footsteps of his long-time heroes Fredddy Krueger, Michael Myers and Jason Vorhees and be the world's next great psycho-slasher. A true self-promoter, Leslie gives documentary filmmaker Taylor Gentry (Angela Goethals) and her crew exclusive access to his life as he plans and executes his next great reign of terror over the sleepy town of Glen Echo, all the while deconstructing the conventions and archetypes of the horror genre for them.
The Awesomeness: a mockumentary about a serial killer? Comon, that's just way too awesome!


The Story: A psychotic murderer institutionalized since childhood escapes on a mindless rampage while his doctor chases him through the streets.

The Awesomeness: Thanks to Halloween, we now have genre standards like virginal heroines, masked, unstoppable killers and open-ended conclusions. Its success opened the door for the flood of slasher movies during the '80.The story is as simple as a scary bedtime story but it's so perfectly executed, from the direction to the acting to the creepy score, that Halloween has become a legend. 

 urban fucking renewal

Not a slasher but definitly an exploitation film!
The Plot: Brick Bardo is a cop from another planet who is forced to land on Earth in pursuit of criminals. Though regular sized on his home planet, he is doll-sized here on Earth, as are the fugitives who have landed as well. While Brick enlists the help of an impoverished girl and her son, the bad guys enlist the help of a local gang.

When word leaks out as to his location, all hell breaks loose. Brick is besieged by an onslaught of curious kids, angry gang members, and his own doll-sized enemies, and he must protect the family who has helped him and get off the planet alive.

I'm sorry for the short Exploitation Extober Month. I did not have time to do these because of personal reasons. I wish you a GREAT Halloween! 

Extra Question: Our favourite horror movie is "The Shining". What's your favourite Scary Movie?

Exploitation Extober Special: Ozploitation

 The skies they were ashen and sober;
The leaves they were withering and sere-
It was night in the lonesome October

Halloween is almost here and people are making up their ghost stories, trying to find that one awesome costume on the attic and finish the decorations for their houses. Others are prepping their knives, chainsaws,guns and will try to find that perfect murder victim. Be aware people, or pray that Dexter has already killed your murderer. 

What in the name of Kubrick is going on with this site? Do not worry, it's Exploitation Extober Time! A small summary:

Exploitation Extober is an event on which we celebrate the good and mostly terrible Exploitation B-movies! It normally starts on 10 october and ends on Halloween, but I have to shorten it because of personal reasons. I'll try to make it up the last three days of October, so expect more posts on those days. 

When I started this blog, I really had no clue what to do with it. I've chosen the name Movie Monstrosity because it reminds me of those terrible exploitation movies made in the 20th century. A few days later, I've invented the Exploitation Extober Event and it was a great succes!( for a starting blog) 

It's the second time we are celebrating this remarkable event! Last year was truly amazing. We went very far and touched several subgenres.

There is  some kind of Exploitation Revival going on now. ( example:Rubber and Machete) Will we see more of those? Or do you think it's just a blimp?

Let's start the Exploitation Extober Event with a recap of Year One!

Post 1: The first post had the theme: Blaxploitation and Nunsploitation
Two crazy and quite funny exploitation genres!

Post 2: Blackula, Dr. Black and Mr.Hyde, Killer Nun and Nun Of That!
Those titles are amazing! Really, you can win awards with them!

Post 3: Black Dynamite, Black Caesar and Boss Nigger We ended the Blaxploitation week with three great trailers.

Nazi Exploitation is quite a strange genre!

Spaghettiwesterns is my favourite exploitation genre. In this post we see some Blues Brothers, Two Lane Blacktop and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
A special into a special. Inception much? Anyway, This post has some great reviews on several spaghetti westerns. It's a collection of the must-see spaghetti westerns. So get them in your local store and do a Swestern Marathon!

A collection of all the awesome horror movies. You have to see them before Halloween!

The first genre will be Ozploitation and we will be looking for the horrorozploitation. Just to get in the mood for Halloween! But what is Ozploitation? 

 Ozploitation refers to the Australian exploitation films that were produced during a fruitful period in the 1970s and 1980s. Ozploitation films covered a range of genres.


The Story: In a rest home for elderly people, a daughter reads her mother's diary. Soon events that are mentioned in the mother's diary begin to happen to the daughter.
The AwesomenessThe movie was lost and forgotten until Quentin Tarantino said it was one of his favourite aussie films.

The Story: A comatose hospital patient harasses and kills though his powers of telekinesis to claim his private nurse as his own.
The Awesomeness:  Come on. The guy is in a bed just staring and kills everybody around him!


The Story: A strange race of human-like marsupials appear suddenly in Australia, and a sociologist who studies these creatures falls in love with a female one. Is this a dangerous combination?
The Awesomeness: I've told you about these terrible B-movies, right? Well, this is one of them. It's so damn bad in every way.... But hey, go watch The Howling. The original is an okay film.

Bonus Clip: Robot Monster
Has nothing to do with Ozploitation but this one was way to ridiculous to just let go.  Enjoy this terrible trailer for a terrible B-movie! 

50th Anniversary Doctor Who, Joel's Dark Knight and How to Behave In Cinemas

Ah yes, Wednesday, Wonderful Wednesday. Today we are bringing you pictures, text and videos and even more text!

These posts will be a bit shorter than normal. Read the last post if you want to know the reason why. And I don't know when I'm going to release the first Exploitation Special. Maybe friday or this weekend.

But first, a new episode of Fallout Nuka Break! Join Twig, Ben and Scarlett as they attempt to survive the harsh wasteland that is Fallout.

Steven Moffat promises 'remarkable time' for 'Doctor Who' 

Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat has provided a vague update regarding when Series 7 will air, insisting "I simply don’t know".
The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine recently confirmed that the new series will start filming in February next year, but will not begin airing until next autumn.

Moffat explained: "Our plans are still in flux. It’s not a secret that we’ll be moving to later in the year, but as to how many episodes there are going to be, I simply don’t know. I will absolutely guarantee that you’re not going to feel disappointed or short-changed. It will be a quite remarkable time for Doctor Who."

It's going to be the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who. Yes, Yes, Yes!

Joel Schumacher wanted to make The Dark Knight

Batman & Robin director Joel Schumacher has claimed he wanted to make a Dark Knight style follow-up. 

Warner Brothers tasked Schumacher with making a fifth film, presumably starring Clooney, entitled Batman Triumphant.
“I was supposed to do a fifth one" Schumacher said. "I was talking to Nic Cage about playing the Scarecrow. I had begged the studio for The Dark Knight but they wanted a family friendly, toyetic thing."

New  Sherlock Holmes posters

New character posters have appeared online for Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows - with Holmes and Watson (Jude Law) getting one each. 

Girl With The Dragon Tattoo images online

 A new load of Rooney Mara images have appeared online. We just love them!

How to behave in cinema: The Muppets

The Muppets continue to bust out small awesome teasers and trailers. The Muppets will appear in theaters on 10 February. Plenty of time to make more teasers!


 And here we are. I started one year ago with the idea of creating a movie blog, just for fun. One year later, we have a monthly stream of visitors (2000!) which is just amazing. I thank you all for being around and coming back once a while. 

Tomorrow will be a wonderful day. We'll start our yearly Exploitation Extober Fest! Once a week i'll post some amazing Exploitation Trailers. Just to get you heated up for Halloween. 

I do have some bad news too: Due to work pressure I won't be posting a lot. I'll try to do a weekly Exploitation and normal post. My apologies if they arrive a bit late. Anyway, let's drink and enjoy our special guest band: The White Stripes.

Fox does not cancel Simpsons, more Django and Tauriel returns

Welcome back to MMB, your source for truly EPIC movie news. Nothing less for our audience. Unite MovieMonsters!

I had some internet troubles this week but they're all fixed.  So you didn't had to worry about me. Some of you were panicking and decided to send a rescue and a SWAT team to my house but this wasn't necessary. Thank you for being so concerned about me! You know what? I'm giving you something special today! Indeed, the third episode of FILMSTATE Fallout Nuka Break!

And you know I can't start the news without a bi-weekly episode of FilmState. I'm sorry Audience, I'm afraid I can't do that. [ O HAL9000 ]

Django Unchained news
Last days we've received a lot of information on Django Unchained. They found a replacement for Kevin Costner, Waltz injured himself and a Lost actor will join the cast. Excited? Yes! 

  Kurt Russell replaces Kevin Costner in Django Unchained

Kurt Russel will play Ace, the bad ass bastard who runs Calvin Candle's plantation. Ace is a cruel slave driver who makes the lives of the slaves very hard.

 This is the second time he works together with Quintin Tarantino. He replaced Mickey Rourke as Stuntman Mike in Death Proof, probably one of the most bad ass characters that i've seen. 

Tarantino is going to exploit his badassery once again. Laura Cayoutte, who played Rocket in Kill Bill: Vol. 2, has signed on to play Candie's sister and plantation co-owner. If you can't remember Rocket, the character worked in The My Oh My Strip Club and told Budd to clean up the bathroom. 

Christoph Waltz injured whilst riding horse

According to a statement from his agent, the Oscar-winning actor was injured while training with his horse in preparation for the role. 

Waltz is currently being treated for a dislocated pelvic bone and is looking forward to getting back in the saddle,”said his agent.  

Lost actor joins Django Unchained 

 M.C Gainey will join the cast of DU. you might remember him as Tom Friendly, member of "The Others"
He'll be playing Big John Brittle, one of the outlaws who Jamie Foxx's Django hunts down during his revenge mission. It's a small part but he fits the role.

One word: Bingo

Arrested Development gets new movie and TV show


Fans of the cult show arise!The long-discussed movie is finally happening. And there will be new episodes.

Creator Mitchell Hurwitz says the TV show will film next summer and will focus on the characters'lives in the past five years.

We're all game. We've hated being coy, but we've been trying to put together this ambitious idea."
“I’m peeing with @batemanjason at the moment..and we can confirm that we are going to make new AD eps and a movie,” said Will Arnettt.
“It’s true. We will do 10 episodes and the movie. Probably shoot them all together next summer for a release in early ’13. VERY excited!” added Jason Bateman. 

Evangeline Lilly talks about The Hobbit

Wood Elf Tauriel returned to the real world to attend the US premiere of Real Steel. She was happy to chat about her little Hobbit stories

“Working with Pete Jackson is super inspiring. “I have a dialogue coach, an emotion coach, a language coach, a stunts coach. So I should by rights be great in this film but if I fuck up it's my fault,” Lilly told Access Hollywood.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey opens 14 December 2012.

  Ricky Gervais Golden Globes return planned

His presentation of this year's Golden Globes was blimy brilliant and now he's returning for another round of controversy-spreading.  

Gervais revealed: "I don't think I should host the Golden Globes again, even if I'm asked and that is very unlikely, to be honest...  

"But because of the greatest thing about our society, freedom of speech, I can still host the Golden Globes, or any event on the planet.  “I am working with a Californian technology company on a live webcast idea. "People watch their TV at the same time as listening to me and a few chums provide our own alternative commentary.”

"This is not to steal anyone's thunder, or disrupt pleasant society. It's simply a new horizon. And for its own sake.  

"I have no idea if it will work but I didn't know if podcasting would work back in 2005 when I launched The Ricky Gervais Show.“I didn't particularly care either. I was doing it for a laugh. There are not many better reasons to do anything." 

Fox does NOT cancel The Simpsons

You might have heard the news about Fox who wants the cast members to take a 45% pay cut – going from 8 million dollars to 4 million a season.

Fox is known for killing and cancelling the most amazing shows like Futurama, Arrested Development, Firefly and even more.

The following news is just minutes old, but the actors agreed with Fox. They will do the 24th season. Neither Fox or the actors are saying anything. 

This was just one of the many bickering between the network and the actors. The series started in 1989 and the first quarrel happened in 1998 when Fox threatened to replace the cast. Other negotiations took place in 2004 and 2008.

We don’t know what the future holds for our yellow friends from Springfield. It’s still possible that it will end on a landmark, which will be the 25th season.