Yes, i'm extremely late but we're back for the last time! I can't post tomorrow because i'm going to a lanparty for an exclusive interview of KILLZONE 3 and GT5. It will be possible test these games. I'm probably going to post the interview right here ;)

But back to business! This is the last Exploitation Extober! Maybe there will be an Exploitation Exvember? No idea. Will post a poll about it ;) alright, the first one of our Halloween Special is  ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES AND RETURN OF THE KILLER TOMATOES. We'll start lightly with comedy "horror"
I know you guys dont like to read so if you want more info: Google it  :D



Another classic one: DAWN OF THE DEAD

Next one might need a little bit of information.
Murder Party is an American horror film directed by Jeremy Saulnier. It was shot in Brooklyn, New York. It was given the Audience Award for Best Feature at the 2007 Slamdance Film Festival.

Christopher, a lonely and plain man, finds an invitation to a Halloween costume party entitled "Murder Party", on the street. Constructing a knight costume out of cardboard, he makes his way to Brooklyn to attend the party, only to discover it is actually a trap set by a group of deranged art students. The art students are costumed as a goth/vampire, a werewolf, a zombie cheerleader, Daryl Hanna's replicant character from Blade Runner, and a Baseball Fury from The Warriors (film). They intend to commit a murder as a piece of artwork to impress their wealthy and sinister patron.

THE MIST, one of my favourite movies ever!

Next one is a Gore Comedy: THE FEAST

aah, my all time favourite: TWO THOUSAND MANIACS
Two Thousand Maniacs! is a low budget 1964 splatter film directed and written by Herschell Gordon Lewis. It is the second part of what the director's fans have dubbed "The Blood Trilogy," including Blood Feast (1963) and Color Me Blood Red (1965). The film has since become known as a classic of the drive-in theater era.

The film is known for its scenes of full color gore and torture, as well as for B-movie type direction and acting. The film and its director attracted a cult following, largely due to the over the top quality of the violence and the villains. The film starred 1963 Playboy Playmate Connie Mason. It was remade in 2005 as 2001 Maniacs, starring film actor Robert Englund.

And to end with, the film that scared me alot when i was a child. I was so damn terrified. Wasn't afraid of Freddy but this movie, djeez...


Yes, i've chosen for movies that are different from others. Most people will show you the real classic horror movies but mine are well, just quite fun to watch. They are gazillions of other movies that i could show you but let's leave it for now. Have a Great Halloween!

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  1. wow some good movies to check out since it almost halloween

  2. Already planed on watching AotKT and Halloween! lol

  3. nice dude :D will look into this but i saw most of them

  4. Cannibal Holocaust, I think i need to see that movie.


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