[Opinion] Batfleck

Dear Internet,
You have again shown us your hatred and wrongful judgement over the past few days. You said horrible things, destroyed a man's excitement for getting this magnificent chance. Ben Affleck is a great actor and a fantastic director and yes, he might have played a blind superhero in the past but you shouldn't judge him on one performance. One bad choice he has made. I mean, look at Colin Farrell as Bullseye, probably in my top 25 list of most terrible villains of all time. 

The whole drama you boys and girls are causing is in a way good publicity for the movie. The first Superman movie from Zack Snyder was, well, let's say it was just meh. I didn't care about it either because I'm not into superheroes that much, except Batman. People are using arguments or are yelling that WB has made the wrong choice. Others are saying that this is the same story like Heath Ledger's role in The Dark Knight. First off all, you should never compare a finished trilogy to a Superman sequel. It's going to be diferent and you know it.

Second, Ben Afflick can easily play an older Batman. I mean, wasn't this the point of the whole Dark Knight trilogy? Batman is a symbol and the torch needs be passed to another person. The symbol must live on to protect the world from criminals. Yes, ok, it's not Gordon-Levitt and thank god for that. The trilogy stands on it's own and it had it's run. Just be happy that Nolan made three tw Batman movies and one golden one, thanks to the performance of Heath Ledger. We shouldn't care about the person who's behind the mask. I'll compare Affleck's Batman like I compare Clooney's or Kilmer's Batman. For me, there's only one and that's Bale's Batman. If Afflick manages to do a better job than Bale, I'll be damned happy too. I'll end it with a quote. Fits perfectly.

‘People need dramatic examples to shake them out of apathy and I can’t do that as Bruce Wayne, as a man I’m flesh and blood I can be ignored I can be destroyed but as a symbol, as a symbol I can be incorruptible, I can be everlasting.’