Boney M's Bobby Farell passes away

Roberto "Bobby" Alfonso Farrell, the male member of well known group Boney M, has died in St Petersburg of unknown causes. He was 61.
Farrell left Aruba at age 15 to become a sailor. He lived in Norway and the Netherlands before moving to Germany where he worked mostly as a DJ.
Producer Frank Farian recruited him for Boney M and he was the group's sole male singer.
Farrell lived in Amsterdam. His death, in a St Petersburg Hotel was sudden, since he performing with his band yesterday.

Farewell Farell, Dance like a beast


 I have been busy cleaning up my blog following list and i discovered alot of dead blogs(october or deleted).
I had 150 blogs to follow and i downsized it to 31 active blogs. Now i'm going to give those people a small gift for their magnificent work and keeping around. This is the list: ( And i'm sorry if i tricked you here to see gorgeous ladies( and the Maradonna picture :D), they are here, but you have to scroll through the list first ;D)

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Oof, my work is done! Now its:



Merry Christmas

I've been inactive for a while now, so i'm sorry for that. I'm into studying atm so can't post alot. Thank you for all your comments and follower! I love you all!

One Christmas movie for you: Die Hard
O yeah, I'm also keeping the background in honor of Leslie Nielsen.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

A new teaser trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is online and I have to say I really want to see these characters again.

I am just not feeling Penelope Cruz in this. I think one of the things I liked is that Jack Sparrow wasn’t burdened with a love interest and it looks like they are treading on that with Cruz in the trailer. Its not directly suggested, but I hope my gut on that is wrong and she become a dangerous rival instead.
The part that resonated most with me is the line saying “There’s the Jack I know!” as it seems to have double meaning in and out of the film. Depp looks to be on his Sparrow best shape, and I can’t wait to see this.

Sucker Punch Featurette Online

here is a new featurette online for Sucker Punch, and the more I see stuff on this super stylized asskicking girlfest, the more I want to see it.

I love how this is not even trying to be appolgetic about how sexy and stylized this is. Its all fantasy and super crazy visuals.
I can’t wait.

Wallace and Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death Trailer Online

I have never been a fan of Wallace and Gromit, so the feature films haven’t exactly excited me. But I am a fan of stop motion animation so I hold out hope that it will impress me. Sadly it hasnt.
Check out the trailer for Wallace and Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death:

One thing I do like about Wallace and Gromit is the fun little puns they use, and this is no exception. Its still not enough to make me enjoy the movies and I have seen a few. The title alone has me smirking, but so far the trailer hasn’t made me change my anticipation.

Thor Trailer Online

Yahoo finally has the first Trailer for Thor, and while anyone who caught the ComicCon footage will think this is the same trailer, after the Marvel logo scrolls its pretty much all new stuff and it looks awesome.

Sorry for the late posting everytime. working on a writing project :)


It might all be wild speculation based on a Twitter by Judd Apatow, but it looks like they just might be trying to assemble a Freaks and Geeks reunion, reuniting the original Apatow Gang again.
Cinemablend offers:

Judd Apatow, current A-list raunch director and one-time creator of brilliant but prematurely canceled television shows, has revealed a live Freaks And Geeks reunion is coming together for the 2011 William S. Paley Television Festival.
I would love to catch up with these characters later in their lives.

I just loved the show and while I caught it on the backside of its run after I heard it would already be canceled, I checked it out anyways. I have no idea why this show didn’t fly. The show was very underrated, and Apatow even showed a keen eye for talent back then.
Even outside of the main cast, we still see echoes of his strong casting abilities. The show also features supporting cast members like Ben Foster as a mentally handicapped boy named Eli, Joanna Garcia as a pretty cheerleader. Even Lizzy Caplan, the disco dancing love interest for Segel.
Maybe Apatow is pulling our legs, but I would love to see these guys all together again.

Dark Knight Rises Script Due Today

Nolan has some homework to do and its due today or he will face detention by the teachers at WB. It appears that a deadline has been offered to Nolan demanding the script for The Dark Knight Rises to be handed in today.
Ramascreen says:

David S. Cohen tweeted that director Christopher Nolan told him that THE DARK KNIGHT RISES script is due Monday. Apparently Nolan also told Cohen that if the script is not turned in by that deadline, he’ll be in big trouble.
Deadlines are important part of the process, but honestly do they really think this sort of ultimatum would work on Nolan?
Do they NEED to push him?
Perhaps it was this deadline that nudged Nolan to walk away from Superman after he decided his time was better spent working solely on The Dark Knight Rises. If he was pushed for a deadline, it might have been the wakeup call that brought him to the conclusion that he wasn’t doing enough on Rises because he was paying attention to Supes.
Nolan has stated that he is leaving it in Snyder’s capable hands, and the presumption is that Nolan’s influence on Superman was already established and his presence was not required, so he went back to work on Batman.
Either way, if he is putting out a script due today, then at least we will start getting news about the potential plot, final casting decisions and other details left to wild speculation so far.

Mila Kunis would be up for World of Warcraft Movie

Sam Raimi has been trying to get a World of Warcraft movie off the ground and since being relieved of his Spider-Man duties, that is becoming more of a reality.
And in an interview on MTV Mila Kunis said she would be up for a role in the film.

“Hell yeah! I would do it, of all things,” said Mila Kunis when MTV asked her if she would like to be in a World of Warcraft movie. “I don’t know if I would want to be a big character in it,” she said. “But I would totally want to run around as a little mage. Like a kick-ass mage. With pigtails? Mmmmm… Awesome!”

I would actually think she would be better as a Night Elf, but she does have a perky presence and they could easily mini-fy her and give her a gnome mage too.
Kunis in pigtails? Sorry… got a bit distracted there.
Turns out Mila Kunis is a (now former) avid World of Warcraft player, and admittedly has stopped playing the game while she travels. I had a person in game once tell me he was actually Vin Diesel, but I imagine any celebrity playing the game would not admit who they were.
With the expansion coming out soon (Tuesday) I was thinking of returning to the game myself, but I am pretty excited about movement on the film actually taking place.