Bond Theme Composer Barry Dead at 77

Five-time Oscar winning composer John Barry passed away Sunday in New York. Barry, who wrote the now famous James Bond theme, had a heart attack. He was 77.
Hollywood Reporter reports:

Barry, originally from Yorkshire, England, penned some of the most iconic movie soundtracks of the last forty years, among them Midnight Cowboy, Dances With Wolves, Out of Africa and Born Free, for which he won Oscars. But he will be most remembered for his long relationship with the Bond franchise, where he was responsible for the soundtrack to 11 Bond movies including Goldfinger, From Russia With love and You Only Live Twice.

The Battle Of The Century

Darth Vader 




Be my Star Trek Girl?

Well, i just dig this up from Youtube. A girl singing she wants te be your Star Trek Girl. Personally, i only watched a few episodes of Enterprise and a few minutes of the old ones. I didn't really like it, it was watchable and i can understand why it was such a hype back then, supported by all them nerdies.

But then you have to be a Star Wars Fan? yelled the unsubconscious braincell still swimming in a lava pool of alcohol. No, i am not. I enjoyed the films, that's it. But but.... what are you then?? I'm quite fond of Stargate, that's what i am. Still not a fan, but whenever it's on, i watch. I loved Atlantis with it's awesome characters. Really like it. And that's everything with a Star in it, alright? Oh right, Starcraft...

Oh yes, and Ray William Johnson appears too.

DR00L NOW: New Sucker Punch Character Posters

Con Air 2?

In a recent interview, director/producer Simon West expressed his interest in making a sequel to the nineties blockbuster Con Air. West, who directed Con Air (as well as ‘Tomb Raider’, ‘The General’s Daughter’ and the upcoming ‘The Mechanic’), will be working with Nicholas Cage again in a new Action-Thriller The Medallion and must have felt nostalgic, because he had this to say..

“I’d like to do Con Air 2. It’d be great. It’s a matter of getting everybody together. There’s so many people involved and it’s about getting everybody to agree. But I’m going to bring it up to Nic. I’m going to put a bug in his ear about it. If the two of us want to do it, we’ll go after the others.”
Its not anything near a confirmation, but knowing Nick Cage and how he likes to be in every film ever, I’d say he’ll jump on this. If it does actually go anywhere, I cant see any of the original cast coming back (John Cusack and the like), unless theres a fantastic script and Bruckheimer comes back too.
I think the original is a fantastic film, one of the good action flicks of my youth, and I completely welcome the possibilty of another one. Anyone else excited/unhappy about this?

Support a shortfilm once in a while

Good evening gentle ladies and gentlemen
As you might have noticed i have changed the background. I am still sad that Leslie Nielsen deceased, but we have to move on. But we shall never forget his great personality and the many laughs he gave us while we we're children, adolescents and adults. Rest In Piece, Frank Drebin and Mr.President.

As for the background, i have no idea right now what to choose. Post your ideas!

NOW Let's talk about the main topic here. The picture above is a shot from my shortfilm "Rifle And Revolver", a true homage to the spaghetti western genre, mixed with a Tarantino sauce and a Sergio Leone alike story as the good delicious cheese. Buon appetito!

This movie didn't cost me alot because the costumes we're selfmade. But right now i'm thinking about my next one and my friends asked to do a maffia film. First, i said no. A maffia film in the thirties are too expensive( Cars, weapons) but i moved it to the nineties. 1991 to be precisely, the death of communism.

So let me write out my script( that is in my head atm): The story starts with two gentlemen who kidnapped a member. One's a journalist, the other is a member of a NY family. Now, they had to hide under in Belgium because they killed the son of the maffia boss head Andropov. Andropov was an ex-KGB officer and wants to find the killers. The fall of the communism stills hurts him( He had alot of good connections with the governments and now he lost them all) He's quite frustrated but he's still a true nationalist of the now deceased Soviet Union. But back to the two gentlemen. The journalist is on drugs all the time hallucinating, seeing evil things and rambling out words. sometimes, he's useful and even sober. And the rest of the time he spits out quotes,  and he just spits out.(Based on Raoul Duke) He mentally lives in the sixties and only loves that kind of music. The other one is a harsh man who only trust his homemade alcoholic drink.(still have to work out his personality) They are hiding in a big villa, with the nephew of the boss running the business. The newphew flamboyant and a true playboy.(some ladies are always around him and you might see some "action") But the boys brought a kidnapped man to his house and trouble is coming for our playboy...

I'm reading a paper on mafia and communism, researching all the possibilities. And i still have to write the script. Our plans is to film this summer and we need a budget of 250€. Now, some of you started blogging just for fun, others for the money. I have chosen for both goals. It is my goal to deliver news and earning a little bit of pocket money with it. But it's not really turning out well. Adsense is slow but i will soon hit the limit of the first payment. but that's where YOU join in. 

If you could help us and give a donation(50 cents or one dollar would be FANTASTIC) then you will receive an honorary thanks in the credits. If you live in Belgium, you may even join get a role and drink some beers with us! :D  If you give 5 dollars/10 dollars I will give the url of your blog a permanent place on my blog. And there's still the possibility of clicking on my site, you know , those sweet little images you like to ignore. *BIGHUGESUBTLEWINK*

Fallout: Nuka Break

Fallout: Nuka Break is a fanfilm made by WaySideCreations. you might recognise Zack from BackyardFX. No more words, just enjoy the movie!

Belgian programme Basta gives it to the poor

The small man is the favorite target of all sorts of major and minor villains, of unscrupulous companies and untrustworthy authorities. He is robbed, manipulated, cheated and lied with a smile.

Four boys think it is enough, and go into action. They kick in doors. Sometimes open doors and sometimes reinforced doors. Sometimes a huge front door and occasionally a back door.

Once they are in, they do a dance on the table, let a fart in the fridge, give all the plants water and go back out through the window.

Six weeks they create self-made investigative journalism with a sense of humor. Sometimes with a lot of theatrical gestures, other times virtually unnoticed. And very occasionally doing a little bit of pain. In the eyes of the four boys glistens a mixture of militancy, sweet revenge and a twinkle.
Basta. Never before has bitter fun been so seriously.

In the first episode they launched several fake news items and sent them to the online news services.  After a year of delivering fake news they've been busted by one journalist who checked his source. 

But that's not everything, they also annoyed the telecommunications operator Mobistar because it has the worst service of all. So the boys of Basta decided to take revenge. They put a container right in front of the parking lot of Mobistar, and they we're in the container. The guard calls and asks them about the container. And so they annoyed him for 3 hours and 20 minutes. WITH ENGLISH CAPTIONS!!!

But the following week was even better
Above here is a callgame. People call and have to be the tenth caller to get in. Thing is, they say its really easy to find the solution but there are several mathematical tricks and so these are never guessed.
Example sentence: "There is one freighter, said foursquare."
One: +1
freighter: eight : +8
foursquare: four: +4 AND square: a square has FOUR EQUAL SIDES so +4

So that makes 17? No not really. Do you see the word SAID. It has a D in it. And D in Roman numbers mean 500. D = 500 
So answer: 517
I'm so proud i made my own callgameriddle. My Math teacher always said i was the worst Mathematics student he ever had in forty years. So woohoo!

The people from Basta found a man who knows how the riddle works, how the code behind it works. He's been working for two years to find the code and he eventually did! Also, Basta had a INFILTRANT in the company who made those games on tv. He is presenting in the video, it was his last working day.Wanna watch the last part of this episode?  
The episode finished last week, and whole Belgium was shocked. It was in the news, on internet, in the most important newspaper( pun intended to Het Laatste(LAST) Nieuws :P) The government decided to give these FRAUD games one more chance but the Tv-Company Vmma decided to pull out the plug of the Callgamecompany and the callgames( God, my English sucks, i can't find another name for it)

Psychedelic Void trip

Let's show you guys a trailer that has so many colours i just became colourblind. Enjoy the Trailer.
Enter The Void is a film by Gasper NoƩ released in 2010. It was nominated for a Golden Palm and won two prizes at the Catalonian International film Festival. Enjoy your blindness. Edit: Bonjour Tristesse already reviewed this masterpiece. I advise you to go take a look:

Violence is one of the most fun things to watch.

Quentin Tarantino will receive an honorary achievement award at the 36th annual Cesar Awards on Feb. 25. The Cesars are the French equivalent to the American Oscars, and Tarantino is being recognized for being a “great international artist,” according to Cesar president Alain Terzian. The French Academy’s nominations also were announced, with Xavier Beauvois’ Of Gods and Men and Roman Polanski’s The Ghost Writer dominating the major categories. Several American films were nominated for Best Foreign Film, including Oscar frontrunner, The Social Network. See below for the list of the best films:
Best Film
Of Gods and Men
Le Nom Des Gens
The Ghost Writer
On Tour
Best Foreign Film
Les Amours Imaginaires
Bright Star
The Secret In Their Eyes
The Social Network

Edit: I forgot to tell you that the first movie ever released from Quintin Tarantino is now on Youtube. Some parts of the movie is lost because of a fire but here it is:

I'd still hit it... on my birthday

Today's it's my birthday! Hoorah! But i got other joyful news: Duke Nukem released a new trailer.... on my birthday! :D And ITS FREAKING SWEET

Dark Tower Cast within a week/ New Tron Legacy Poster

Seems the progress to bring The Dark Tower series to life on the big and small screens is closer than we think. As it stands they plan to have cast in place by next week!

Live for Films reports:

MTV spoke to producer Brian Grazer who mentioned that there would be news on the casting soon. “Within a week,” he said. “Seriously. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Seriously.”
Howard has spoken about his plans for the films and TV. “Right now what we’re talking about is a movie and six or eight hours of television to bridge. My plan is to do most of those TV hours, if not all, and certainly the movies.”
It's going to be a movie series, but not all books will be screened. Quite funny, when I read the first part i thought: "This could be so perfect for a film. Should i start writing a script for it? Let's first check out if it's in production. Oh, it is. Awesome. "

And now, something completely different: a new poster of Tron Legacy has been uploadificated!

That rug really tied the mainframe together, Dude
I just made the text bigger because i am the first one that invented this joke and because i'm such a pretentious little bastard.

Bloom Gets 1 million gold for 2 Minutes for Hobbit

There is quite a score of familiar faces returning from ‘Lord Of The Rings’ to ‘Hobbit’. Orlando Bloom, everyone’s favorite thespian, will be one of them. No surprise there. Legolas will show up in the film (s) in a cameo of an estimated two minutes. No big deal.
Unless, of course, Bloom gets a one million payday for it. Say what? First Showing reports:

The stars of the prequels , Martin Freeman, Robert Kazinsky and Aidan Turner, will take home a combined pay-check that is less than Bloom’s cameo money.
Given the two Hobbit films are estimated together to be around the other 499 million, it’s a drop in the bucket. I’m NOT exactly sure why Bloom’s paycheck is up for contreversy. His “two minutes” could be anywhere from a day’s filming to two days filming. There could be different takes, different scenes. There could be issues of availability. In addition, they agreed to pay him the salary. It’s a done deal. If you ask me, he's just going to sing "They're Taking The Hobbits To Isengard" for two minutes.

Actors Testing For Abe in 'Vampire Hunter'

EXCLUSIVE: There are few hotter projects in Hollywood right now than Twentieth Century Fox's macabre 3D Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter based on the Seth Grahame-Smith novel (he also wrote the script) that will be directed by Timur Bekmambetov and produced by Timur, Tim Burton, and Jim Lemley. The studio has set a June 22, 2012 release for the film and has been focused on casting since November. Now we can tell you the list of actors who'll be screentesting for the role of young Abe Lincoln this week and next: Benjamin Walker, James D'Arcy, Adrien Brody, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, and Josh Lucas. It's a very interesting mix of semi-knowns and unknowns, stage and screen vets.

Twentieth won the project after a hard fought auction that included Sony and Paramount and Universal and Summit. Bekmambetov and Burton liked it so much they used their own money to option the book earlier this year, and Fox had existing relationships with both filmmakers -- Timur dating back to when the studio talent-spotted him in Russia and released his first movie Night Watch worldwide.

The movie is a 3D re-imagining of Lincoln's life that depicts the 16th president as an axe-throwing, highly accomplished killer of vampires, an obsession of his since those bloodsuckers supposedly took the life of his mother. Taking revenge, Lincoln wreaks havoc on the vampires and their slave-owning protectors. Only in Hollywood would such wild fantasy with the reputation of one of America's greatest Presidents be in such demand. Fox wanted the project so badly that when the filmmakers came onto the lot, the studio had bloody axes and bloody footprints strewn about, and arranged for a bugle player in a Confederate uniform playing "Taps" to accompany them to the meeting with studio executives.

The script has already been written by the book's author when it was put out for bid, and we heard widely that every studio was impressed with the  whole pitch, as well as the prospect of having the next directorial effort by Bekmambetov and a take honed by Burton. But Fox, led by production president Emma Watts, now has a major tentpole teed up.

Pineapple Express the sequel?

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are focused on their new movie "The Green Hornet" that's coming out this week. But there's more to come from this Canadian comedy due. Screenrant had an interview with Evan Goldberg and there might be a sequel to Pineapple Express. Also, I'm wearing the same pothead pants like Saul Silver( other colours). High Five!

Screenrant interview:

Screen Rant: So from what we understand, you and Seth never intended to make a sequel to Pineapple Express but have been getting pressure to do so; and of course, there were rumors that there was going to be a crossover with Pineapple Express and Superbad.
Evan Goldberg: Well, we toyed with that idea right after Pineapple came out; we thought that people would enjoy Mclovin and Franco together; but we’re never going to touch Superbad ever again, that’s a terrible idea. I’m even hesitant to make Pineapple 2, but I’m loosening up to it as of like the last few weeks. Recently we were at Danny Mcbride’s wedding, and we were all there, well David couldn’t make it (David Gordon Green, the director of Pineapple Express); but me, (James) Franco, Seth and Danny were all there and I thought ; ‘this is fun, I have fun with these guys.’
SR: So, it wasn’t in your plan, but you’re getting a bit of pressure to do it. Is that correct?
EG: Yes. Everyone has always wanted to do it, me and Seth were very hesitant, but frankly I was the driving force behind that hesitancy. I just kept thinking, you know not to say we’re the Coen Brothers, because we’re super not – they’re my idols in a lot of ways – but those guys never make a sequel. Like, great, great films don’t have sequels.
SR: I’m gonna take this opportunity to throw out The Godfather 2.
EG: The Godfather 2, yes, but, should we talk about The Godfather 3?
SR: We should never, I wish you wouldn’t.
EG: I’ve never seen it, people told me not to, and I never did.
SR: You haven’t! Oh, well allow me to illuminate you.
At this point, there may have been a momentary pause in discourse in order to create space for this reporter to demonstrate a (truly stellar) reenactment of what is, perhaps, the stiffest death scene ever captured on celluloid: Sophia Coppola’s fall to the knees, and tilt to the side collapse in The Godfather 3. It should also be noted that her last word was “Daddy?”
sofia coppola the godfather 3
EG: Wow, now I have to see it.
Our work here is done. (We kid, we kid, we love Sophia Coppola.)
SR: Yes, she is a much better director than she was an actress in that film.
EG: But think about this — what if he never made two or three? What’s better, making one and two, or just making one? ‘I just made the best movie ever, goodbye.’
SR: Well, some would argue that two is actually better.
EG: I actually like two more.
SR: Me too. Okay! So absolutely no crossover with Superbad?
EG: There will definitely not be — hopefully, there will be a sequel.
Just as we are coming to a consensus on the varied and sundry merits of sequels (Empire Strikes Back for example) alas! The dreaded two-minute warning knock raps on the door.
SR: Alright! Tell our readers everything exciting that you have coming up in two minutes or less!
EG: Okay, the two things that we’ve got going on, well there are three things that are exciting. I wrote a movie with Jay Baruchel called The Goon that they just filmed in Canada. That’s a hockey movie, if anyone likes hockey, they’re gonna like that movie.
The Goon tells the story of a bouncer, played by Seann William Scott, who has been “touched by the fist of God,” and joins a down-an-out Hockey team in order to lead them to divinely ordained victory. Baruchel plays William Scott’s best friend.

EG: Jay and Seth Vs. The Apocalypse, were outlining it, were getting close, we’re going to start writing the script soon. Now for our super project, Sausage Party. Sausage Party is an idea that me, Seth and Jonah Hill came up with, and we’re all going to make it, Seth and Jonah are going to be the stars and Conrad Vernon – who directed Shrek 2 and Monsters Vs. Aliens – is producing it with me and Seth. It’s a Rated-R, super dirty, mockery of a Pixar movie about sausages in a supermarket that need to get back to their aisle before the fourth of July.
SR: Speaking of good ol’ U.S. of A. holidays, you seem to have this tight-knit group of comedic Canadians that you work with, is this about a genetic predisposition to humor for those from cold, damp climates? Or do you just hate America?
EG: (Laughing) I have a theory actually. You know we got hired on the Ali G show, and I believe we were hired because we are Americans, who are not Americans.
SR: Hmm, how does that work?
EG: We’re the closest thing to an American who’s not an American. We told them that we wanted to do a joke about American spring break, but they didn’t understand how, because they don’t understand what happens in America — and maybe to an American it’s like ‘yeah, spring break is AWESOME!’
SR: Debatable, but continue.
EG: To us, from Canada, its like (I mean I’m sure it’s the funnest time ever) but its like all the kids acting like morons, Girls Gone Wild, so we just have a little different perspective. I’m not precious about anything American, because I’m not an American.
SR: So, you understand the culture, but your not attached to it, so you can make fun of it in a more effective manner?
EG: That’s what I would say, yeah.
SR: Good, because I’m going to say that you did.
EG: Maybe that’s why the South Park guys are so G**D**n funny when they make fun of Canada.
SR: That’s hilarious; but its also easy, because its not even really a Country they’re talking about.
(We kid, we kid! We love Canada.)
EG: It’s not, there’s not even really much there. No, its the perfect place (lamenting) I want to go home.
SR: (In best Family Guy “Consuela” voice) Nooooo.
EG: I love Canada. I love the cold, I don’t like hot weather. I like the cold and damp.
SR: Now your just talking crazy.
Stay tuned for more from our conversation with Evan in the coming days.
The Green Hornet opens this Friday the 14th.

28 Months Later will be released in 28 months?

Director Danny Boyle (127 Hours, 28 Days Later) conducted a web chat with his fans for Empire Magazine recently. If one sifted through some of the random questions people had for him (do you like banana muffins?), you'd find a few nuggets of info regarding the world he aggressively kick-started with 28 Days Later and its possible threequel, 28 Months Later.

Boyle in recent months has said that he's got a lot of projects on his plate at the moment, including the 2012 Olympics, but he would consider directing a third film. What's the latest? Pretty much the same thing, however, he seems to be making some time to think about it:

"There is a good idea for it, and once I've got Frankenstein open, I'll begin to think about it a bit more."

In case you haven't heard, Boyle is directing a stage adaptation of Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein" for London theater-goers.

Someone had asked him if he feels responsible for the "death" of slow-moving zombies. He responded, "It's a dream come true! Finally, they're a real menace!" Let the slow versus fast zombies debate begin again...

Michael Douglas Cancer Cure Announced

Michael Douglas cancer cure announced on the Today Show this morning. This is good news for all fans and lovers of Douglas.

At last summer Michael Douglas was diagnosed with stage four cancer in throat. Today he has free from cancer.
In an interview with Matt Lauer on the Today Show, Douglas said,
'I think the odds are, with the tumor gone and what I know about this particular type of cancer, that I have got it beat. All of a sudden the affection from my family, from my friends, and from my fans hit me at a much deeper level that I would have ever imagined before. And it gave me a really new appreciation of just how valuable, how precious good friends are and family. And it’s not that I disregard them before but there’s a much deeper feeling. I’ve talked to other cancer survivors about this, that you just really, really appreciate what’s important in life.'
Michael Douglas maintains his health today with getting regular checkups. Thus Douglas has won battle and beat cancer.
Watch more exciting details from this video interview: