Be my Star Trek Girl?

Well, i just dig this up from Youtube. A girl singing she wants te be your Star Trek Girl. Personally, i only watched a few episodes of Enterprise and a few minutes of the old ones. I didn't really like it, it was watchable and i can understand why it was such a hype back then, supported by all them nerdies.

But then you have to be a Star Wars Fan? yelled the unsubconscious braincell still swimming in a lava pool of alcohol. No, i am not. I enjoyed the films, that's it. But but.... what are you then?? I'm quite fond of Stargate, that's what i am. Still not a fan, but whenever it's on, i watch. I loved Atlantis with it's awesome characters. Really like it. And that's everything with a Star in it, alright? Oh right, Starcraft...

Oh yes, and Ray William Johnson appears too.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Omg this is awesome and the equals three guy is rocking.

  2. This video really sucks. it may prove appealing if that girl in the back was singing she was naked and it was titled "Ill do anything you tell me and all my star trek friends will help"

  3. that video was probably the nerdiest thing I've seen all day.


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