Bond Theme Composer Barry Dead at 77

Five-time Oscar winning composer John Barry passed away Sunday in New York. Barry, who wrote the now famous James Bond theme, had a heart attack. He was 77.
Hollywood Reporter reports:

Barry, originally from Yorkshire, England, penned some of the most iconic movie soundtracks of the last forty years, among them Midnight Cowboy, Dances With Wolves, Out of Africa and Born Free, for which he won Oscars. But he will be most remembered for his long relationship with the Bond franchise, where he was responsible for the soundtrack to 11 Bond movies including Goldfinger, From Russia With love and You Only Live Twice.

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  1. It's hilarious that you think it's "great stuff" that the composer of the Bond Theme died at 77 :P

  2. I just read about this, it's very sad :(

  3. RIP
    been meaning to follow a movie blog when I came across yours. im following.

  4. RIP man, he did some great stuff for his life!

  5. Wel.. RIP Barry, you did good old man, you did good


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