Dark Tower Cast within a week/ New Tron Legacy Poster

Seems the progress to bring The Dark Tower series to life on the big and small screens is closer than we think. As it stands they plan to have cast in place by next week!

Live for Films reports:

MTV spoke to producer Brian Grazer who mentioned that there would be news on the casting soon. “Within a week,” he said. “Seriously. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Seriously.”
Howard has spoken about his plans for the films and TV. “Right now what we’re talking about is a movie and six or eight hours of television to bridge. My plan is to do most of those TV hours, if not all, and certainly the movies.”
It's going to be a movie series, but not all books will be screened. Quite funny, when I read the first part i thought: "This could be so perfect for a film. Should i start writing a script for it? Let's first check out if it's in production. Oh, it is. Awesome. "

And now, something completely different: a new poster of Tron Legacy has been uploadificated!

That rug really tied the mainframe together, Dude
I just made the text bigger because i am the first one that invented this joke and because i'm such a pretentious little bastard.

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  1. Cool post! Anyways nice blog, ill follow and support you

  2. The dark tower sounds quite cool!

    however the second image is just epic!


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