Bloom Gets 1 million gold for 2 Minutes for Hobbit

There is quite a score of familiar faces returning from ‘Lord Of The Rings’ to ‘Hobbit’. Orlando Bloom, everyone’s favorite thespian, will be one of them. No surprise there. Legolas will show up in the film (s) in a cameo of an estimated two minutes. No big deal.
Unless, of course, Bloom gets a one million payday for it. Say what? First Showing reports:

The stars of the prequels , Martin Freeman, Robert Kazinsky and Aidan Turner, will take home a combined pay-check that is less than Bloom’s cameo money.
Given the two Hobbit films are estimated together to be around the other 499 million, it’s a drop in the bucket. I’m NOT exactly sure why Bloom’s paycheck is up for contreversy. His “two minutes” could be anywhere from a day’s filming to two days filming. There could be different takes, different scenes. There could be issues of availability. In addition, they agreed to pay him the salary. It’s a done deal. If you ask me, he's just going to sing "They're Taking The Hobbits To Isengard" for two minutes.

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  1. Simply putting in Orlando Bloom will clearly boost sales, so 1,000,000 shouldn't be that big of a deal. Plus I feel like that quote seems a bit exaggerated.

  2. Looking forward to the cameo, hadn't heard of this before.

  3. They're Taking The Hobbits are going to Isengard! love that line!!!!!!!!!

  4. Not bad for being a dancing English fairy. I hope he gets eaten by a turtle in the movie.


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