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Good evening gentle ladies and gentlemen
As you might have noticed i have changed the background. I am still sad that Leslie Nielsen deceased, but we have to move on. But we shall never forget his great personality and the many laughs he gave us while we we're children, adolescents and adults. Rest In Piece, Frank Drebin and Mr.President.

As for the background, i have no idea right now what to choose. Post your ideas!

NOW Let's talk about the main topic here. The picture above is a shot from my shortfilm "Rifle And Revolver", a true homage to the spaghetti western genre, mixed with a Tarantino sauce and a Sergio Leone alike story as the good delicious cheese. Buon appetito!

This movie didn't cost me alot because the costumes we're selfmade. But right now i'm thinking about my next one and my friends asked to do a maffia film. First, i said no. A maffia film in the thirties are too expensive( Cars, weapons) but i moved it to the nineties. 1991 to be precisely, the death of communism.

So let me write out my script( that is in my head atm): The story starts with two gentlemen who kidnapped a member. One's a journalist, the other is a member of a NY family. Now, they had to hide under in Belgium because they killed the son of the maffia boss head Andropov. Andropov was an ex-KGB officer and wants to find the killers. The fall of the communism stills hurts him( He had alot of good connections with the governments and now he lost them all) He's quite frustrated but he's still a true nationalist of the now deceased Soviet Union. But back to the two gentlemen. The journalist is on drugs all the time hallucinating, seeing evil things and rambling out words. sometimes, he's useful and even sober. And the rest of the time he spits out quotes,  and he just spits out.(Based on Raoul Duke) He mentally lives in the sixties and only loves that kind of music. The other one is a harsh man who only trust his homemade alcoholic drink.(still have to work out his personality) They are hiding in a big villa, with the nephew of the boss running the business. The newphew flamboyant and a true playboy.(some ladies are always around him and you might see some "action") But the boys brought a kidnapped man to his house and trouble is coming for our playboy...

I'm reading a paper on mafia and communism, researching all the possibilities. And i still have to write the script. Our plans is to film this summer and we need a budget of 250€. Now, some of you started blogging just for fun, others for the money. I have chosen for both goals. It is my goal to deliver news and earning a little bit of pocket money with it. But it's not really turning out well. Adsense is slow but i will soon hit the limit of the first payment. but that's where YOU join in. 

If you could help us and give a donation(50 cents or one dollar would be FANTASTIC) then you will receive an honorary thanks in the credits. If you live in Belgium, you may even join get a role and drink some beers with us! :D  If you give 5 dollars/10 dollars I will give the url of your blog a permanent place on my blog. And there's still the possibility of clicking on my site, you know , those sweet little images you like to ignore. *BIGHUGESUBTLEWINK*

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  1. used Google translate? Paardenvlees = Horse meat

  2. if i had a movie blog, i'd try and find a wallpaper of the credit card company buildings being blown up at the end of fight club, that'd be sweet

  3. I'll see what I can donate.

  4. @ Das Auto: trying some things out
    @ StockGuy: Thanks for the support!!

  5. Interesting premise. I cant afford a donation right now but I'll do the next best thing.

  6. I'm kinda short on money, but I'll support by inviting some friends over to watch your film once you finish it


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