Belgian programme Basta gives it to the poor

The small man is the favorite target of all sorts of major and minor villains, of unscrupulous companies and untrustworthy authorities. He is robbed, manipulated, cheated and lied with a smile.

Four boys think it is enough, and go into action. They kick in doors. Sometimes open doors and sometimes reinforced doors. Sometimes a huge front door and occasionally a back door.

Once they are in, they do a dance on the table, let a fart in the fridge, give all the plants water and go back out through the window.

Six weeks they create self-made investigative journalism with a sense of humor. Sometimes with a lot of theatrical gestures, other times virtually unnoticed. And very occasionally doing a little bit of pain. In the eyes of the four boys glistens a mixture of militancy, sweet revenge and a twinkle.
Basta. Never before has bitter fun been so seriously.

In the first episode they launched several fake news items and sent them to the online news services.  After a year of delivering fake news they've been busted by one journalist who checked his source. 

But that's not everything, they also annoyed the telecommunications operator Mobistar because it has the worst service of all. So the boys of Basta decided to take revenge. They put a container right in front of the parking lot of Mobistar, and they we're in the container. The guard calls and asks them about the container. And so they annoyed him for 3 hours and 20 minutes. WITH ENGLISH CAPTIONS!!!

But the following week was even better
Above here is a callgame. People call and have to be the tenth caller to get in. Thing is, they say its really easy to find the solution but there are several mathematical tricks and so these are never guessed.
Example sentence: "There is one freighter, said foursquare."
One: +1
freighter: eight : +8
foursquare: four: +4 AND square: a square has FOUR EQUAL SIDES so +4

So that makes 17? No not really. Do you see the word SAID. It has a D in it. And D in Roman numbers mean 500. D = 500 
So answer: 517
I'm so proud i made my own callgameriddle. My Math teacher always said i was the worst Mathematics student he ever had in forty years. So woohoo!

The people from Basta found a man who knows how the riddle works, how the code behind it works. He's been working for two years to find the code and he eventually did! Also, Basta had a INFILTRANT in the company who made those games on tv. He is presenting in the video, it was his last working day.Wanna watch the last part of this episode?  
The episode finished last week, and whole Belgium was shocked. It was in the news, on internet, in the most important newspaper( pun intended to Het Laatste(LAST) Nieuws :P) The government decided to give these FRAUD games one more chance but the Tv-Company Vmma decided to pull out the plug of the Callgamecompany and the callgames( God, my English sucks, i can't find another name for it)

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