Mila Kunis would be up for World of Warcraft Movie

Sam Raimi has been trying to get a World of Warcraft movie off the ground and since being relieved of his Spider-Man duties, that is becoming more of a reality.
And in an interview on MTV Mila Kunis said she would be up for a role in the film.

“Hell yeah! I would do it, of all things,” said Mila Kunis when MTV asked her if she would like to be in a World of Warcraft movie. “I don’t know if I would want to be a big character in it,” she said. “But I would totally want to run around as a little mage. Like a kick-ass mage. With pigtails? Mmmmm… Awesome!”

I would actually think she would be better as a Night Elf, but she does have a perky presence and they could easily mini-fy her and give her a gnome mage too.
Kunis in pigtails? Sorry… got a bit distracted there.
Turns out Mila Kunis is a (now former) avid World of Warcraft player, and admittedly has stopped playing the game while she travels. I had a person in game once tell me he was actually Vin Diesel, but I imagine any celebrity playing the game would not admit who they were.
With the expansion coming out soon (Tuesday) I was thinking of returning to the game myself, but I am pretty excited about movement on the film actually taking place.

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