Dark Knight Rises Script Due Today

Nolan has some homework to do and its due today or he will face detention by the teachers at WB. It appears that a deadline has been offered to Nolan demanding the script for The Dark Knight Rises to be handed in today.
Ramascreen says:

David S. Cohen tweeted that director Christopher Nolan told him that THE DARK KNIGHT RISES script is due Monday. Apparently Nolan also told Cohen that if the script is not turned in by that deadline, he’ll be in big trouble.
Deadlines are important part of the process, but honestly do they really think this sort of ultimatum would work on Nolan?
Do they NEED to push him?
Perhaps it was this deadline that nudged Nolan to walk away from Superman after he decided his time was better spent working solely on The Dark Knight Rises. If he was pushed for a deadline, it might have been the wakeup call that brought him to the conclusion that he wasn’t doing enough on Rises because he was paying attention to Supes.
Nolan has stated that he is leaving it in Snyder’s capable hands, and the presumption is that Nolan’s influence on Superman was already established and his presence was not required, so he went back to work on Batman.
Either way, if he is putting out a script due today, then at least we will start getting news about the potential plot, final casting decisions and other details left to wild speculation so far.

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  1. Well dang... Here is the problem... if there is no "time is of the essence" clause in the contract (and, unlike with TV shows like SNL that air every week, I'm pretty sure there isn't one for a movie script), then the law provides for him - as a "service" provider - to get paid for his work up to the point the contract is terminated. And even if the contract says he's not entitled to a penny, if he sued, he'd get his due. So no... they can pressure him all they want. They know that a good quality script is more important than a rushed one that isn't going to make eyes pop and chins drop and the $$$$$ chi-ching sound at the box office.

  2. I hope it's as good as The Dark Knight.....

  3. Can't wait for this one, hope it's as good as the other two

  4. Either way, that movie is gonna be badass


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