Exploitation Month! From Black Mexican Nazi Nuns through Rape, Revenge and Slashing Ninja's

The term Exploitation is fairly unknown with the regular cinema visitors. I am starting this action with a goal: Bring fame to all those unknown B-movies, exploitation films and other misfits. It's not only gold that glitters! If your tired of seeing the newest remakes, another ...movie, glittering vampires and bad 3D dance movies that comes from the "great" nation called "Hollywood" then i recommend you watching these Exploitation Films.

So what's the plan? Every week two different genres will be shown. Every Monday and Friday I'm going to post a few really awesome exploitation trailers, to honor them! And offcourse, I'm keeping the best for last ;D.

I recall Oktober to Exploitation Extober!!

The first genres are: Blaxploitation and Nunsploitation

Blaxploitation films, are made with black actors, ostensibly for black audiences, often within a stereotypically African-American urban milieu. Beware of the black menace! We start this gracious event with The Thing with Two Heads, a true blaxx comedy!

Next one is a fake trailer made by a fan. I thought it would be a good starter! Go GO NUNS!

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  1. this is a good follow up post to the previous one

    I have a new post on GTL Everyday too :)

  2. You posting the embed link in the html and not the text my accident?

  3. yes i ran into trouble with this one ;)

  4. Great subject. My favorite nunsploitation is Flavia the Heretic.


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