The Second Centipede and Lone Ranger is back?

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It looks like it's a meagre week this time for film news. Excuse me, for interesting film news. Normally I select the best news( for my viewers ) from several sites but this time it's a bit boring and dull...

For example: One for The Money releases a trailer. It's a romantic comedy. So what's the plot? It's about a bounty hunter who tracks down her former lover. Oh wait, sound a lot like The bounty Hunter with Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler. It's one of those "let's watch these with the girlfriend because the gf likes romcoms and I wanna chill on the couch and do nothing else" movies. Yeah. so if you're interested:

Full trailer released for.......
Wait a second. It seems that i have forgotten something but i can't remember what. Huh. That's strange. Let's redo that.
Full trailer released for........
OH YEAH. The new FilmState offcourse! Stupid me! And I just love the movie game. You choose a random actor and try to get to Steven Spielberg on Imdb in the least amount of clicks.

Official trailer The Human Centipede 2 out

A new trailer has been posted online for The Human Centipede Part 2: Full Sequence, the shockhorror film from Dutch director Tom Six. 

The First Sequence was quite the shocker for the audience. Will this be even worse? We've seen the reactions of the Australian people a few weeks ago and the results are...definitly not normal.

The Plot? A man saw the first sequence and got inspired to do the same. That's it. It's filmed in black and white to give the film that certain horror vibe.

This movie has been banned in the UK so British people have to get their tickets abroad.

The director also said that he was ready for Part 3, which will go far over the line. We can't wait. 

MMB Opinion: The actor's eyes or just his look is similar to Michael "Benjamin Linus" Emerson. Just a mere moment in the trailer.

Old Spice inspired TV-spot for Puss In Boots

Back to the normal stuff. The Shrek spin-off Puss In Boots released it's new Tv-spot and it's quite groovy.

When i heard about this spin-off, i thought they were miling the series out. I thought we had enough of Shrek and it's fairy tales. Time for something new.

But this way of thinking changed. I am quite impressed by Antonia Banderas and the awesome kitty.

New set photos from The Dark Knight Rises

You know what? I had it with these motherf***** spoilers on this motherf***** sets. I've looked at these because it's a journalist's nature to do so but please, they're just too many spoilers. I've seen catwoman in normal suit, some kind of weapon in a truck and shots from the Batwing.

I know it will look completely different than in real life but these are still spoilers and i want to be surprised in theaters. I'm going to provide you with the link but you don't have to click on it.

Disney's The Lone Ranger is back on track

A while ago we reported that The Lone Ranger was dead and the project was put on hold. But it seems now that it's back in action. 

 A project from Depp-Bruckheimer-Verbinski cancelled? My first thought was nuts. I mean, it's a perfect combo and if they could bring the spirit of the first Pirates into The Lone Ranger, well that would be magical. But the primary concern was the budget ( 250 million )

Bruckheimer and Verbinski were able to chop the budget down to 215 million, which is still a lot. 

I mean, with such an amount of money you could make eight awesome movies. My expectations will be that high. 

Johnny Depp (Tonto), Armie Hammer(Lone Ranger) and Ruth Wilson (Luther) are expected to be back.

It's unknown if it will hit it's original December 2012 release date. Let's hope not because that month is stoked with awesome movie releases. ( Hobbit, Django Unchained, World War Z, Les Miserables )

Let's end with an awesome thing: nudes of Scarlett Johansson. 
EDIT: Sorry, one minute after the upload i had to take them down from the FBI. Or else they'll confiscate my pc. But hey, i got an alternative. A song about her! From Jacksfilms, Tobuscus, SeanKlitzner, Jason Horton and Tay Zonday.

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  1. The first movie is private. But I prolly only watch 12 minutes if it was really awesome anyways :) But maybe it is ????

  2. Real centipedes creep me out, but that trailer wasn't very effective.

  3. You're so nice, you didn't force spoil Batman for me. You get points for that.

  4. too many good movies. Centipede isnt one of them, reminds me of fly - Jeff Goldman

  5. DIdn't the makers of the Centipede movies follow our worst movie blogfest!? We hated it the first go-round, why make another? Wanna see Puss in Boots though.

  6. The Human Centipede 2, eh? I don't want to see it, but at the same time, I kind of do... Will my curiosity get the better of me once again?

  7. No such thing as "too old for weed", also Lone Ranger ftw

  8. Huh, the human centipeeeeede looks like it will be an interesting film.

  9. If there is a reason to not love Natalie Portman, please tell me. (too old for pot isn't a reason enough, we all know such thing doesn't exists hahaha)

  10. oh god the first centipede movie was so creepy

  11. I wounder how that centripede 2 will come out, 1st one was really creppy :/

  12. I tried to skip forward to the part discussing the Mass Effect movie but it froze and I just gave up.

    I also don't think the Human Centipede will really go anywhere. It's just shock horror.

  13. Curious about the Mass Effect movie.

    Centipede reminds me of Jurassic Park - James Goldblum

  14. great scarlett johnanssen pictures. I got to see them before you took them down :)

  15. To taste the fruit of yon celestal tree.


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