Le retour de Bond, Man in Black III and Jackie Chan is serious

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So you know what's coming, right? What if i tell you that there will not be a FilmState huh? Wouldn't that be a hard nut to crack? Missing an awesome FilmState episode with a pretty damn funny Domain.com commercial in the middle of the episode. Domain.com, the best domain provider in the universe. Yes, even Cubans use domain.com. So does this mean you're dumber than a commie ? YES IT DOES. Be smart and get a domain.com address.

I should get paid by domain.com. Anyway, my point is: I'm not going to take away your fun of watching a FilmState episode. Enjoy!

Men in Black III and it's retro aliens

Make-up designer Rick Baker talks about his work on MIBIII and is quite happy about the time travelling element.

Time Travelling? Yes, the third part of the franchise will send Agent J back the Golden Sixties, where he meets the Young Agent K( Josh Brolin ) and Andy Warhol( Bill Hader). Did i mention Jemaine Clement will be in there too ( from Flight Of The Conchords )? The movie will have a 60s retro look. 

“The thing that’s cool is there is a time travel element. Where I had fun is that we go back to the Men In Black headquarters of the ’60s," said Rick Baker.
"The first thing I said is that we should have retro aliens not aliens of 2012, more based on B-movies of the ’50s and ’60s. So a lot of the aliens are based on that - space suits with fish bowl helmets and ray guns.”
Rick Baker was the special make-up designer of Tropic Thunder( Anyone who did Downey Jr.'s make up should get an award), Norbit, Hellboy, The Ring, Planet Of The Apes, MIB I and II, Ed Wood and many more.

Michael K. Williams will appear in Django Unchained

Quentin Tarantino does not want to let Michael K. Williams go and wrote him a new role. He was chosen to be the main lead character first.
“It came down to Jamie and I for Django, and [Tarantino] was gracious enough to call me and tell me that ‘Jamie was his nigger.' Will Smith expressed some interest, but it came down to Jamie Foxx and I, like QT told me this personally out of his mouth over lunch.”
“QT has asked me to keep my diary clear in early 2012.  I’ve been given a timeline. January through April. I’ve been given some dates when he’s going to want me to work but I haven’t gotten the official word yet.”
Williams does not want to tell a thing about his role. So it will be a surprise! Django Unchained will be released on 25 December 2012. If you are still alive after 21 December 2012, you should go watch it in a burning theatre, like Inglorious Basterds ended.

Jackie Chan goes 1911

The first trailer for the war film 1911 has appeared online with Jackie Chan playing a serious role. Yeah, i'm dead serious about this.
The film marks the 100th anniversary of the Xinhai Revolution and the founding of the Republic of China. It's also the 100th film of Chan.
Jackie Chan, plays Huang Xing, the first commander-in-chief of the army of the Republic of China.
1911 opens on 23 September 2011 in China and on 12 October in the US.

Bond 23 Girl is French

Daniel Craig is getting ready for the 23th Bond film. The film will be released in 2012, this year being the 50th Anniversary of the James Bond film series. Expect something special.

Bond 23 is back up and running it's time for the casting directors to look for that perfect actress. And that perfect actress will be Berenice Marlohe, a young French TV actress who has recently made the transition from television to films. 

The cast at the moment is Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, Javier Bardem and Ralph Fiennes. Cross

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  1. JACKIE!!!!!!!!!! OMG ITS JACKIE AGAIN haha..

    leaving that aside XD a serious role? with him is just unexpected but my takes his course to another place since he is getting older as time pass XD

  2. Jackie Chan in a dramatic role? Sounds like it will be cool! I wonder if he'll get into slapstick comedy when hes in his 80's?!
    (100 movies? I need to catch up! I've only seen about 20!)

  3. I love Jackie Chan. How cool to see him in something serious. I see Will Smith is back in Black. That's cool, I liked the first two.

  4. MIBIII will be an interesting few dollars spent, I'm sure.

    I dunno about a serious Jackie Chan role.. I wanna see more performance.

  5. Didn't like "MIBII" but the time-traveling plot-point made it interesting.

  6. Can't wait for 1911! I don't know much about that period of Chinese history and would love to find out more. I'm also featuring that film tomorrow in my Spotlight on October movies!

  7. Makes me realize how old Jackie Chan really is. I still remember watching his first movie as a kid.

  8. jackie chan is a man of many talents.

  9. Whoa! Jackie Chan really looks different when he's all serious.

  10. Big fan of Jackie Chan, I'll be watching that one

  11. Will be watching the Jackie Chan one most likely.


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