Good day everyone. As you might have already notices, i'm AFB( Away From Blog). This means that i will post less the coming weeks. Just wanna let you know that i'm not shot by criminals/cops/abducted and probed by aliens/ raped/ killed/ in jail/ Running naked in NYC.

Also, on a serious matter now, i've been writing a small idea on my other blog. It's about my theory of Death. Everything i wrote did happen to me. It's very darkish and i hope you can share your opinion on the subject. And today i saw an episode of The Big Bang Theory, where Sheldon talked about the topic( Immortality by putting yourself in a machine, although my suggestion is a bit different)
Link to blog post:
Big Bang Theory - Sheldon as a Robot S4E2

But let's not abandon you people; This is the latest episode of Film Riot. They're really fun to watch!


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  1. good trailer and pic combo for this post. :)

  2. i didn't know there is AFB like AFK lol

  3. Welcome back and I learned a new term today :D

  4. Tintin looks promising!

    You were asking about the background of my blog, then you should check this:


  5. i like this term afb, maybe ill use it too


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