Another Sucker Punch Trailer

You can't call them teasers any more right? They've been giving us like three or four trailers for this movie and i'm already so hyped about it it. It really didn't need another trailer. Im quite exited about the movie but this trailer isnt that superb. Don't get me wrong, it's still brilliant but it wants to tell more about the story of Sucker Punch. We want the visuals, keep the damn story for the theaters :D

Also, there's been some 1940s propaganda posters loose on the internet. I caught them all. Blondie, Sweet Pie and Babydoll are my favourites .

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Will this thing EVER come out. I'm waiting like forever!

    I think I have set my expectations too high for it :) I just hope it doesn't fail! :)

  2. This movie is looking very cool, cant wait to see it. glad I'm following you.

  3. i might see this just for the hell of it!


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