Gawd Bless America

Today I found a trailer from Wunderkind Pictures, who put together a strange little documentary that roadtrips America on a mission to show a crazy old man the truth about his consipiracy theories and the supernatural. The doc is called Gawd Bless America.

Its a funny documentary where Blake Freeman takes a 68 year old man across America to discover the truth about his beliefs in psychics, aliens, and paranormal activity. They pull some funny stunts and meet some CRAZY people along the way.

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Looks pretty different.

  2. gimme some time.. ill have it perfected..

    Miss Dro

  3. Eh looks like a good watch

    gonna check it's imdb rating first.

  4. Well then, that dude and the geezer obviously met some aliens, because aliens are real.

  5. "you've got one nose, man" ahahahahahha xD love it :D

  6. looks like a cool documentary

    your friend,


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