Academy Awards Tonight

It's the big night for Film Industry. The 83rd Academy Awards will at 5pm PST/8pm ESTand you can watch it live on And here's a link to Bonjour Tristesse with a full preview on the Oscars. I'd like to promote my bloggerfriends so go check it out! There are alot of very interesting cult- or foreign films that this blogger reviews. We need those blogs, so that we know about these small masterpieces that we never see in the big cinema's. Thumps up for Inception, True Grit and The King's Speech!

The LINK: 83rd Academy Awards 2011 [Bonjour Tristesse]

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  1. This time I am not waiting with my fingers crossed for red carpet dresses but for the honor the movie Inception deserves

  2. Thanks for the link.

    I thought this years show was kinda boring, I wish it was Ricky Gervais hosting.

  3. Hey that's really awesome! I just stopped by to show my support!


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