Superbowl Trailers

Some awesome new film trailers right from the Superbowl. It's for the European People who hasn't seen the Superbowl( except on livestream like myself) -> Also, With the Midshow and Black Eyed Peas Usher jumped on the stage and i thought: "Oh my frikkin balls, Justin Bieber will be after Usher". Lucky for his whiteass he didn't. And I still hate BEP for screweing up the Pulp Fiction soundtrack( Misirlou- Dick Dale)

Anywayz, here we go!( Some of them, not all)
Battle LA ( District 9 with a bigger budget= awesomeness)



Super 8

Cowboys&Aliens ( I frowned at first, but it looks like a hellottafun)

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  1. all those movies looked good suprisingly

  2. I can just tell Priest will not be very good, can't wait for Battle LA, I loved district 9!

  3. Cowboys and Aliens is the only one of these that interests me.


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