X-Men: First Class Trailer

I'm going to be honest: not a big fan of X-men. I always look at the films saying: meh. it's nice but not super. Just loved seeing Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen all together. I watched Wolverine and i did enjoy that movie. Well, I don't like Superhero movies...voila, its out! I hate Superman, Spiderman and the rest.Too cheesy for me. But i did like Green Hornet, Kick Ass and offcourse The Dark Knight. Because these films are just different. I have this other feeling when i watch them than the regular superhero flick. Maybe it's just me, always saw reading comics as "too nerdy"( same for watching anime and so on... :p)

When i watched the trailer of X-Men: First Class I thought: This might be something
Maybe I just love James McAvoy( Shameless, Wanted), that's probably it :) I don't have a bond, a connection with all the characters.( People will try to kill me, i know :D)

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  1. i can definitely see how spiderman and the dark knight are different. both are great movies though. and i cant wait for the new xmen movie its gonna be epic!

  2. this movie looks whacked
    heres my take on it

  3. Could have potential to be a good movie, not into x men though.

  4. so psyched for this movie! :) heh messed up.

  5. I just saw this trailer the other day, looks epic!

  6. It certainly looked better then i thought it would but it seems off some how as well just can't put my finger on it


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