'Snuff' novel from Chuck Palahniuk will become film

Author Chuck Palahniuk has seen two of his novels made into feature films, with wildly different results. The first, 'Fight Club,' has become something of a modern cult classic and earned over $100 million at the box office around the globe. 'Choke,' meanwhile, struggled to find an audience and has become a largely forgotten film. Undaunted, Palahniuk's about to see a third novel of his hit the screen: 2008's 'Snuff.'

Writer/director Fabian Martorell recently updated everyone on the project via ChuckPalahniuk.net, and the update came with some awesome casting news. Daryl Hannah, Thora Birch and Tom Sizemore (!) have all joined the project.

For those who haven't read 'Snuff,' it might be the author's most controversial book. In typical Palahniuk fashion, it goes to places most of us aren't willing to tread and follows some rather unpleasant characters living lives of quiet desperation.

This time out, the author turns his eye on the porn industry. Aging porn star Cassie Wright wants to finish her career with a bang – a gangbang. She's looking to set the world record for most men serviced in one event and has lined up 600 willing participants to help her reach her goal. Amongst those 600 wannabe woodsmen are three individuals – Mr. 72, Mr. 137 and Mr. 600 – who have unique reasons for attending. Palahniuk's tale follows these men as they reminisce in the green room while waiting for their turn with the porn princess. As with most of Palahniuk's work, there are unexpected revelations – both about the individuals and the world at large.

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  1. sounds like a different kind of movie. do u know when its coming out? she must have a mental problem if she wants to have a gangbang with 600 guys.

  2. "wants to finish her career with a bang – a gangbang". man more women should have ambition!

  3. There was a porn star who did this IRL, I think it was 300 men in one go...I bet she couldn't sit down for a week!


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