The DIY FX Show: Great Job!

Last week I posted a list on what i had planned for this blog. I had to scrap some things off like the gameplay commentary ( running into some problems and i can't  do them at the moment) but the plans for the dutch blog are getting shaped up. What I didn't tell you was my idea to start a weekly compilation of DIY videos. 

Some months ago, i thought of starting my own DIY Show and sharing it here, on this blog and on Youtube. But that would take a lot of my time to make those videos so i'm keeping it on compilations....for now. ;)

I know that you, my audience, loves to devour all filmnews but this post will be different. Just a small warning. 

Mad Monster Lab
Mad Monster Lab is a DIY Effects show created by Ralis Kahn and co-hosted by Zack Finfrock. It shows the professional way to do Hollywood special effects, straight from a 20+ year veteran.

The MML Show is one of the new descendants to Backyard FX, the greatest DIY Show that has been cancelled after four long years. I must say that BYFX was a lot cheaper and easyier but MML shows you the professional way to do it. There are many others who rose out of the BYFX grave but more on that later. Let's watch the first episode of Mad Monster Lab! 

This episode concerns the topic blood spatter tube. I made one for my short film with a pump but it kinda failed. I wanted to do the Kill Bill blood spray effect but it didn't work out. 

Parkers Tutorials

Parkers Tutorials is a DIY Effects show obviously created by Parker. The spirit of Backyard Effects remains in this young fellow.

You just breathe the whole BY FX spirit going through this DIY show. The acting isn't superb yet, but hey comon. It's part of the experience! He really makes a great effort! In this episode he builds a Thor Hammer and it really looks damn well!

Film Riot brings you the best DIY filmmaking tips to help you do movie, video and film special effects on the cheap. It's not just how-to though. Delivered by real film makers, the show is interesting, entertaining, and wrapped in a hilarious easy to swallow coating. A how-to filmmaking from the hyper-active mind of Ryan Connolly.
    Every week i'm blown away by this amazing DIY Show. I've been following it for a few months now and I know a LOT more about film, After FX, Premiere, audio and so on. It has been so helpful for me so i'm declaring this show the Best DIY Show on Youtube. 

    Before it was Backyard FX, but now that it has been cancelled... and no, i'm not getting paid by Ryan Connolly. I just love the show ;)

    EDIT: New video  has just been added :D

    Let's hope you enjoyed this compilation of DIY videos. Now go make some shortfilms or webseries! Talking about webseries, I will show you the first episode of Fallout: Nuka Break! If you love Fallout, you should watch this one! It's amazing! 

    And i know, when i'm doing my blog rounds i'm just checking out, reading quickly and scrolling through the videos but you should take your time watching these if you want. Or come back another day when you do have time. See you next week!

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    1. omg omg awesome!!! reallyt awesome!!
      Fallout one hahaha i want to see more for sure XD

    2. i need a Thor hammer i'm calling now at 1-800-555-5555 and great trick in the first video

    3. that would be sick if you did your own videos :)

    4. These are pretty awesome xD Thor hammer ftw.

    5. Of monstrous lust the due and just reward: Following!

    6. never knew all these. Wow! My kids shouldnt see all lthis and get too much inspired.

    7. Hm, I wonder in what scenario I'd need a blood splatted hammer of Thor... :)

    8. Oh well, it will take quite a while to watch all that.

    9. I am aware of that GMSoccerPicks. You should Watch those in which you are most interested in ;)

    10. Wow, the Fallout fan video is actually really good :) It's incredible how well it's made for being non-profit.

    11. That fallout webseries was pretty good

    12. I loved the MML. :D

      Nice blog, dude; following! :)

    13. Very interesting videos. Thanks for sharing.


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