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Welcome once again to our blog. I'm back from Dead Island because I've been away for a week. You get the joke? I've been away and Dead Island was released a few days ago and it sounds like i was dead, or gone or on an island or( SERIOUSLY WHO WRITES MY PUNS? HANK? IS THAT YOU? You are fired, Hank! No, i dont mean fiery, you got axed! What? NO, I DONT NEED A COPPER AXE, GTFO OUT OF HERE HANK!)

Ahum, let's just show you guys the new FilmState before this gets awkward.
Even more awkward than seeing Dwayne Johnson losing a battle against Taylor "HERPAWOLF" Lautner. Yup. Awkward.

Eddie Murphy to host 2012 Oscars?

According to Deadline, Eddie Murphy might arise as host for the 84th Academy Awards.

 The producer for this year is Brett Ratner and he has chosen Eddie Murphy out of the list of possible hosts. This should not be a big surprise because they have recently worked together on the upcoming comedy Tower Heist, which received a "meh" by Ryan Connolly. I mean, his opinion is sewious bwusinez here.

'Tower Heist,' just like my previous movies were great preparation for me to make this movie, this is preparation for me to do something huge with Eddie. Also, he's not just a comedic genius. He's more of a film historian and a student of cinema than I am or anybody out there," says Brett Ratner in an interview for MTV News.

With his background in stand-up comedy, Murphy could certainly bring some smashing comedy on the stage. Everything's better than James Franco. Nothing against him personally, he's one of my favourite actors but he didn't fit as host.

Anne Hathaway fights for an apple

No, i'm not talking about a movie about fighting against the Apple Domination. I'm talking about Anne Hatheway fighting for an apple in a scène for The Dark Knight Rises.

Right in the middle of The Big Apple. She is the apple of my eye. Seems like the guy is a...rotten apple in the group. YEEEAAAAAHHHHH ( GODDAMNIT HANK STOP CHANGIN MY TEXT)
Whether this was a mugger who took an interest in her juicy fruit ( does this sounds so wrong or is it just me ) or just a random encounter, we're not too sure. 
That picture was captured by JustJared.com

Battleship bts lands online

A behind the scenes for next summer's blockbuster Battleship has shown itself at Entertainment Weekly

We  get our first proper look at Rihanna in action in her first movie role. Yay. Battleship opens on 18 May 2012.

Human Centipede 2 trailer hits Australia 

Dutch Director Tom Six can't wait to get buttfaced( *Shoots Hank* )

A new Human Centipede 2 theatrical teaser has hit the internet and it positively revels in the harsh words handed out to it by the sound and reasonable minds at the BBFC.

The fans of the first film won't be put off by warnings such as "obscene" and "tasteless and disgusting." They'll love obscene and disgusting!

Watch the special teaser below. The people you see are the Australian folks.I suppose the first sequence was just a warm-up. Hehe. Do you hear the sound of a baby crying the last seconds? Is it time for a dead baby Joke? Nah, those are way too cruel.

Community Season 3 Extended Promo 

I nearly laughed my balls off watching this. It's too damn hilarious. You should start watching this! It's much better than The Big Bang Theory.

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  1. I'm excited about DAVID AND GOLIATH since epics are my fav films, but I really don't like the idea of that expressionless Lautner getting a role in it :(

  2. I've never seen Community. I might have to start watching it!

  3. You missed out on some awesome stuff Berserc ;)
    And Dezmond. I think it's a retarded move to choose Taylor Lautner. COME ON.

  4. Die hard five? I guess the series....dies hard.

    Now that's a pun.

  5. Community is pretty darn hilarious. Battleship may interest me. Thanks for the multiple focus post, something for everyone!

  6. Eddie Murphy huh? Long time no see, that would be cool.

  7. Why are they bothering with the human centipede 2? The first one was terrible ;/

  8. Not heard about Battleship until this, interested. Human Centipede 2 can suck my balls.

  9. Eddie Murphy for the oscars? yes, please. It would be great.

  10. Guess who wouldnt be watching Academy awards. And they beep for every f word but would bring the F-guy as their host?
    He is gross and his movies are megasize F-gross

  11. dead island is so dope!
    cool blog


  12. Hathaway is getting a lot of flak for her role as catwoman if I'm correct.

    And I'm surprised Austrailia allowed that movie there considering how strict they are with censorship.

  13. Don't have Community over here in the UK yet, Die Hard 5 is good news but who is Hank?

  14. nooooooo not another human centipad *sigh*

  15. With all the buildup for the first human centipede, I found the first one rather tame compared to what I imagined it would be.

  16. i saw the first human centipede and it sucks why make 2

  17. sounds interesting. especially the battleship movie lol +follow

  18. Awesome update. I'm excited for these.

  19. Another ass 2 mouth movie .. great, now my life is complete. Hey, they should actually call it that! Human Centipede: Ass 2 Mouth

  20. this blog will keep me updated on everything, good job


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