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I'm on a drug and it's called ALLITERATION. It's pretty feisty! Let's watch some FilmState Trailers. One of the trailers is "The Double". I don't know if i told this already but the plot of the film is completely explained in the trailer. It's just terrible. Whoever did the editing should be hanged. Just saying.

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JC Van Damme,Chuck Norris and Adkins join the Expendables 2 (They choose the name Expendables because Norris isn't in it. Chuck Norris is not expendable.)

The Expendables was a giant hit at the cinema's and a nice tribute to all 80's action stars but it missed two of my favourite stars. Welcome back, Van Damme and Chuck Norris. These two are now confirmed and will appear in the film alongside Jet Li, Sly Stallone and others.

Source: Screenrant
An official cast list for the Expendables followup has made its way online, revealing that Stallone’s mercenary crew from the first film (Jason Statham, Jet Li, Randy Couture, Terry Crews, Dolph Lundgren) and Mickey Rourke are all set to reprise their respective roles in Part Deux.

Moviehole got ahold of said cast list and is reporting that familiar faces like Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger​ will be back (sorry) in Expendables 2, while the often-rumored Jean-Claude Van Damme​, Chuck Norris, and Scott Adkins​ are all now officially onboard for the film.

Van Damme will be playing a villain (as was previously rumored) in Expendables 2 alongside fellow muscular martial arts master/actor Adkins (Undisputed II, The Bourne Ultimatum). Willis’ Mr. Church made only a brief appearance in the first film, but he’s long been all but confirmed to become the main antagonist in the sequel.

There’s no word yet if Schwarzenegger’s role in the second Expendables movie will likewise be larger (or, rather, more than a three minute cameo), but the 71-year-old Norris is only expected to show up briefly in the film.
 Get ready Internet. I can't wait for the new Chuck Norris Jokes and quotes.

J.Edgar opens AFI Fest 2011

The world premiere of Clint Eastwood's J. Edgar will kick off the 25th edition of the American Film Institute Fest.
The gala screening in LA will be attended by the director or lead actor Leonardo DiCaprio. 
Eastwood, who received an AFI Life Achievement Award in 1996, was praised by Bob Gazzale, President and CEO of the American Film Institute. 
"What a gift it is to be going to the movies when Clint Eastwood is making them and what an honour it is for the AFI to premiere his latest contribution to America's cultural legacy," Gazzale said. 

"Clint Eastwood is an American icon – one whose work as a director, actor, producer and composer not only stands the test of time but also continues to add new, rich chapters with each passing year."
AFI Fest takes place 3-10 November in Hollywood. 

The Dark Beetlejuice Returns

A new Beetlejuice film has been announced.It will be a reboot, not a remake, advancing the storyline of the 1988 Tim Burton original. BEETLEJUICE! BEETLEJUICE! BEETLEJUICE!

David Katzenberg  and screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith have signed to Dreamworks Animation and one of their first projects is expected to be Beetlejuice.

“We first got to know Seth through his fantastic work on Dark Shadows and it immediately became a priority to expand our relationship with him,” Warner Bros. production president Greg Silverman told Deadline.com.

“Seth introduced us to David, who greatly impressed us with the vision for KatzSmith from the very first meeting. We firmly believe in their talents and are extremely excited to welcome them to the Warner family.”

The Future According To Films
We're ending todays' post with a timeline showing you how the future would like if films were real. Click on it to make it bigger and readable ;D
OR  go to this link : http://imageshack.us/f/197/inforn.jpg/

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  1. Chuck Norris. Isnt he dead? And Beetlejuice. I can watch it for young and hot Alec Baldwin and the last song "Shake!Shake!Shake Senora!"

  2. That expendables 2 cast is almost perfect. All it needs now is Bolo Yeung as a villain

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