[SPECIAL] #1 Gamescom Short: You're breaking my balls here

Yes I know, The Internet blogosphere is crowded with awesome gaming blogs but i'd like to share some of the most ball breaking info you have ever seen. Yea, i'm overreacting but who cares!
Yes, that excited
Battlefield 3: we need more dinosaurs
Look at this amazing video that will blow you of your RAWKSAWKS! Just for the info, we are NOT showing you ANY footage of the dinosaurless game called COWL OFF DJUDIE ( The guy probably goes raging on the streets when he hears about Modern Warfare 3.... What? Riots in London? Holy Moly!)

Tip: Full screen and 1080p and you'll be like this
Assassin's Creed Revelations: Stargate Ubisoft Sparkle!
If you thought that trailer was amazing, look at the new ACR trailer!  Ezio returns in the next AC game, which will reveal the story behind Altair, Ezio and Desmond. Do you all remember the amazing E3-trailer? I nerded all over the floor and it was messy.  This trailer has some kind of dubstep music. Not sure if it fits ACR... but anyway it's awesome!

Guild Wars 2: the WoW smasher? 
Many MMO games were labeled as the ultimate WoW killer. Remember Lord Of The Rings Online, Age Of Conan,  Aion and recently rift. None of them touched the ankles of the massive giant. That's why i'm not going to name it a Wow killer. I believe that both products can and will keep foot in the MMO-world. I'm planning on buying GW2 ( no monthly pay) and maybe playing WoW once in a while. A taste of both worlds. Enjoy the amazing trailer!

Jagged Alliance Online/Reloaded: My personal favorite!

You never heard about this game? Shame on you! Jagged Alliance is a series of turn-based tactics video games. From the first Jagged Alliance installment on in 1994, the series received critical acclaim and gained a significant cult following, although this never translated to major commercial success.  

Jagged Alliance 3 was on the table for many years but always had financial problems. In 2006-2007, there were going to be 2 games released. JA:3D and JA3. Both have been cancelled ( i cried ) but one year ago, a German company called bitComposer Games took over the reins and they started working on a JA: Online and a JA REMAKE. 

The following trailer is one for the Online version. This game was so awesome back in the days. you hired mercs with a heart, a character. It really hurted when a merc died before your eyes.  Now, you won't be blown away by the graphics( Just warning you.. AND TO BE HONEST you had your jaw falling open for BF3, i don't want no injuries! )but the gameplay is so fantastic... just see it!

Small example of the excellent humour in Jagged alliance 2. You can send flowers to your enemy Deidriannea, a dictator who took over Arulco and you have to save the country and kill her.

Thank you for joining me on this small special! We shall meet again!

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  1. over at my place you somewhere have a post on ASSASSIN'S CREED being turned into a movie. It will be such a cool movie when it gets made.

  2. I watched the BF one in 1080 fullscreen, it being the only one I was really interested in, and I felt so much want.

  3. The more i see about BF3 the more excited i get. Simply stunning. Cant wait.

  4. He gets an electric motor bike. Everyone who had one as a kid went through the same process ;)

  5. I highly doubt GW2 is going to take down WoW, show me an extended gameplay trailer with an actual interface and we'll talk

  6. Creed and battlefield... drool +following

  7. Battlefield 3 looks good, but have you seen the new Elder Scrolls? Youtube the Elder Scrolls V Skyrim gameplay trailer. The water effects alone in that game are freaking art.

  8. Hadn't seen that Battlefield video o; Looks sooooo awesome. Can't wait.

  9. Oh man, battle field 3 is gonna be it.

  10. Great stuff but Battlefield 3 looks the dogs bollox.

  11. I'm not much of a gamer but those videos and graphics are amazing!

  12. I've ran into some problems with Blogger. Worst Case Scenario: I can only post in three days ( Sunday) Hopefully you'll understand

  13. I'm not really excited about any of these :\


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