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First official images of DiCaprio as J Edgar Hoover

We've got a first official look at Leonardo DiCaprio as J Edgar Hoover.(

DiCaprio is playing the infamous FBI founder in Clint Eastwood's biopic J. Edgar. The film will track Hoover over many years, from the beginning of the FBI until the fall of Hoover.

J. Edgar will also feature a love affair between Hoover and his director Clyde Tolson who will be played by Armie Hammer. Naomi Watts is playing Hoover's secretary Helen Gandy.

With Eastwood in the director's seat, this one is practically screaming for an Oscar. DiCaprio, seriously, you deserve one.

Hiyo, The Lone Ranger, Away!

Disney halts the Lone Ranger film. It starred Johnny Depp and was going to be directed by Gore Verbinski.

Disney has shut down production on The Lone Ranger, the Western that was to star Johnny Depp as Tonto and Armie Hammer as the main character.

Jerry Bruckheimer is the producer. This would have been the reunion of Depp, Verbinski and Bruckheimer since Pirates.

Disney pulled the plug because of the budget.The filmmakers were trying to reduce the film's cost from $250 million down to $200 million but Disney did not want to spend that amount of money, especially in these times of economical crises.

This is the second western-themed project that has been halted in such a short period. First Stephen Hawking's The Dark Tower, than The Lone Ranger. Is it because Cowboys&Aliens isn't raising enough money at the box office? It's a damn shame!

Mike Myers, signed up for AP4 or not?

 Rumous we're spread by Hitflex about Mike Myers who signed to AP4. It's NOT true. 

Deadline reported that the recent news has come to a surprise for New Line.

Myers has  only just responded to an Austin Powers offer that the company made to him almost a year ago. A Week ago, he showed some interest to the project. Negotiations are on their way.

There we're some ideas in 2008 about the new AP4.  The story would focus on the relationship between Dr Evil and his son Scotty (Seth Green). Alas, the Love Guru flopped in the cinemas and Mike Myers retreated to his shell. He only came out to play General Ed Fenech.
( Inglorious Bastards 2009)
It was a delight to see him in a more serious move and i loved his cameo.

It is unknown whether the Austin Powers 4 that is currently being discussed will use the same plot, or whether Myers has new ideas to reincarnate the franchise. Cross your fingers for an original twist! 

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Oh yeah, I'm gonna end with a terrible nostalgic trip to the bad clothing taste of the nineties. and because i like to do random stuff for my loveable MovieMonsters!

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  1. I'd like to see an Austin Powers 4 sure, but I thought that 3 left things in a good way. If you can do that, you can let a franchise die with dignity.

  2. funny and now I am filled with anxiety to watch these

  3. That's too bad about the Lone Ranger, would've checked that out. The DiCaprio and Eastwood team up looks promising.

  4. i like your blog style, but if you changed it to individual posts, that would also be fine with me. :)

  5. idunno about lone ranger.......and austin powers has no dignity.

  6. When I started reading your post, I planned on leaving a comment about how awesome of a job you do keeping me up to date with movie news (I can tolerate. (Yes I'm looking at you ET...)). Then, I read about Disney canceling the Lone Ranger. Now I'm just sad... but, I guess I thanked you in spite of it lol.

  7. I can't look at DiCaprio without thinking of Inception.

  8. I keep coming back regardless, DiCaprio as thanks, serious westerns might have a chance though.

  9. That 90's style was the thing that stuck with me the most from this post, man...

  10. See where she comes, apparelld like the spring. Following!

  11. Haha :D And I'm probably going to keep the blog like this.
    @DWei: It's true, but he truly looks different in J Edgar. Just look at the last image and compare it to this image:
    It's groovy, baby!

  12. Really looking forward to the J Edgar movie.

  13. I don't really like westerns.. I'd like them more if they all included aliens and stuff. :)

  14. AP4?!?! wtf! they should stoip filming in AP2!


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