Blade 4, Harold and Kumor return and Woman( Cat) can't drive

No intro? Do you honestly need one? No, you don't! Here you go, Episode FilmState!

Wesley Snipes interested in Blade 4

Wesley Snipes would be willing to star in a fourth film as half-human/half-vampire anti-heroBlade, the star has revealed from behind bars.
 "Getting asked this question all the time, my response is: 'Under the right circumstances, with the right team, yes, I'd do another one.' But don't get me wrong, I'm not waiting around for the opportunity. I've got plenty to do," the actor told IGN
Snipes, who was imprisoned for three years for failure to file income tax returns and will be released in July 2013, admits there are no current plans to resurrect the franchise but says there are ideas for the character. 
"It would be nice to fulfil some of the really cool plans we had for Blade, but didn't get the chance to go live with," he said. Let's cross our fingers for Blade 4!

Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas Trailer

If you like stoner comedies, Neil Patrick Harris, great writing and Neil Patrick Harris you'll love Harold&Kumar and it's sequels. do not expect an American Pie, it's completely different. Just go see this and you'll have a blast of solely laughing!

Catwoman crashed Batpod into expensive camera

You've read the title. A stunt double decided to test the speed and crashed into one of the Imax camera's. No, No, i don't want to hear any women driving jokes! Alright?

Also, Anne Hathaway doesn't need a stunt double. She does a much better job! Here's the video

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  1. Aww that last video was a bit anticlimactic...

  2. Really hope Snipes agrees to blade 4, one of the few franchises that didn't completely suck.

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  4. Her face the book of praises, where is read. Supporting!

  5. i REALLY want a blade 4. there is som much the character can still do. hell with all the crossovers, why not unite his with ghost rider or morbius.

  6. Ouch, hope your friend turns out ok.

  7. Another quality episode, with a cause. You should consider doing stuff like this more often. Looking forward to your next update. Please update us on your friend as well.

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