Avengers images online, Batwing crash and is there still hope for DT and Lone Ranger?

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Sam Worthington talks about Avatar and its sequels

According to star Sam Worthington, The Lord of 3D is already hard at work on Avatar 2 and 3.
 James Cameron is busy writing Avatar 2 and 3, says Worthington in an interview at the press day for the espionage thriller The Debt, in which he has a small role as young David.
In regards to Avatar, he’s writing the bible, at the moment, which is a precursor to Avatar 1 and the whole world, basically. I think it’s just to get Jim’s mind back into the characters and back into the world. He’s told me where he wants to take Avatar 2 and 3, and it's momunmental! It's huge! But, you'd expect nothing less from him. He's not going to start it until he's 100%. I know they’re setting up shop down in Manhattan Beach, and when he says jump, I jump.

Worthington simply can’t wait to return to Pandora.

“I love it,”
he continues. “I’d do 10 sequels with Jim! I love working with him. He raises the bar and gives you the courage to jump over it, and he keeps pushing. He changes your life. He hasn’t just changed my life career-wise. He’s changed my life as a man.”

Avatar 2 has no release date yet. Worthington's next film, Clash Of The Titans 2, will be released on 30 March 2012. According to Worthington, Clash 2 will be completely different.

Still hope for Dark Tower and Lone Ranger movies


Earlier this week we reported that both films were halted. But it seems the directors are still struggling to rejuvinate the projects.

Director Ron Howard and producer Brian Grazer are currently trying to find new Hollywood funding for The Dark Tower, after Universal dropped the project. 
"The soonest we could do it would be June next year," Grazer told the NY Post.
Meanwhile, The Lone Ranger could be back on track if director Gore Verbinksi can  reduce the proposed $250m budget. Disney may decide to start over from scratch and give The Ranger project to someone else than Verbinski, according to The Hollywood Reporter. If this happens, do not expect it to be in theatres next year. 

MMB's opinion: Would be a retarded move. Verbinski obviously has the experience to do westerns. Take a look at Rango. Yes it's an animation film but still...

Resident Evil 5 to shoot in Toronto

I'm quite fond of the Resident Evil series although i must admit the fourth wasn't that good. The last film ended with a cliffhanger so it's no surprise that the fifth film starts shooting at the studios.

Writer/director Paul W.S. Anderson will be directing once more for Resident Evil: Retribution, with Milla Jovovich as the kickass main character.
They are filming from October to December 2011. The film will be released on 14 September 2012. 
Resident Evil: Afterlife has grossed over  $296m worldwide so there's no sign of ending the series yet.

Videos and images posted online from Avengers set

You really can't keep a superhero movie down huh? These are images and one video of the set in Cleveland . They were posted on a forum called Superhero Hype.

Ridley Scott directs new Blade Runner film

The sci-fi classic Blade Runner from director Ridley Scott gets a sequel, according to Deadline. The 74-year-old Brit announced a new film, but for now it is not clear whether it is a sequel, prequel or a completely new project.
The original movie from 1982 with Harrison Ford in the leading role and Dutch actor Rutger Hauer in a starring role, is somewhat based on the short story Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep by writer Philip K. Dick. The story is set in the year 2019 in Los Angeles and follows Richard Deckard, a man who is commissioned to detect Replicants.  The film was not an instant hit, but grew over the years and it developed into a cult classic.

Scott, who is currently busy with is the 3D movie Prometheus, is directing the new Blade Runner film He is also partners with Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosov from Alcon Entertainment , both producers of the project. Whether the film  is a direct sequel or a remake of the original Blade Runner, is unclear.

Batwing crash on the set of The DKR


Is this movie cursed? Last week, we saw the Batmobile crashing into one of those expensive camera's, now we see the Batwing getting destroyed. I suppose Wayne Industries really uses cheap materials to make its products.

Shakespeare's Coriolanus trailer out

The UK trailer for Coriolanus, directed by Ralph Fiennes, has come online a Starring Fiennes, Gerard Butler, Vanessa Redgrave, Brian Cox, Jessica Chastain and James Nesbitt, the movie is scheduled to open in North America on December 2.

In the film, Caius Martius 'Coriolanus' (Fiennes), a revered and feared Roman General is at odds with the city of Rome and his fellow citizens. Pushed by his controlling and ambitious mother Volumnia (Redgrave) to seek the exalted and powerful position of Consul, he is loath to ingratiate himself with the masses whose votes he needs in order to secure the office. When the public refuses to support him, Coriolanus’s anger prompts a riot that culminates in his expulsion from Rome. The banished hero then allies himself with his sworn enemy Tullus Aufidius (Butler) to take his revenge on the city.

MMB's opinion: This just has to win an Oscar! Or Else Ralph Fiennes will use his Avada Kedavra. Or he gives an awkward hug. Shakespeare transformed to the modern world? Using the same old language? F YEAH!

'The Big Lebowski' Blu-Ray DVD Release Party

The Big Lebowski hit theaters in March 1998, few people could have imagined it would quickly become one of the biggest cult films of all time. Most Chinaman Critics mistook the film as failed follow up for Fargo and it got destroyed at the box office.

Tuesday night at New York's Hammerstein Ballroom, the entire main cast reunited to celebrate the release of the movie on Blu-ray and participate in a panel discussion. Fans travelled from all over the country for the celebration. Am i using the correct nomenclature? Donny: You could use another word for Fans, maybe Urban Achievers? MMB: Shut the fuck up Donny.

The sight of Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi, Julianne Moore, John Turturro and musical supervisor T-Bone Burnett together again was inspiring.

The cast members all told hysterical stories about being accosted by obsessed fans in the streets, John Turturro shared his plans for a sequel about Jesus becoming a bus driver and Buscemi shared his theory that Donnie is actually just a figment of Walter's imagination.  The whole cast said they would be happy to participate in a sequel, though John Goodman took everybody back to reality by saying there was no chance it would ever happen.

MMB's Opinion: Go fucking buy the awesome Blu Ray DVD Edition or i'll pee on your fucking rug while singing the Man In Me holding a White Russian in my left hand. 


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  1. I'd heard James Cameron was threatening to make another 2 Avatar movies, I guess I hoped The UN would step in on human rights grounds.

  2. i live where the batman movie is being made and seen the batwing accident on the local news. it wasnt as bad as it looked, they had it put back together in a few hours and resumed shooting. cheers

  3. Awesome! you should make pictures ;)

  4. Biggest news is the Big Lewosky blu ray, seriously. HUGE.
    The lone ranger movie could be cool, but i cant get past the Big Lebowski Blu Ray.

  5. Nice post. Sam worthington is actually worthlesston.
    I dunno to me he likes like a botox lady who cant express any emotions any time not just while playing poker. Watching him act is such a pain.

  6. "I suppose Wayne Industries really uses cheap materials to make its products."
    Remember in prev movie Chris Bale says to Morgon that he is ordering parts from China..:)

  7. Nice! That's a weird looking gun Capt got there

  8. im into all things superhero... this just made me want more :D

  9. That capitan's american weapon looks like the carrier of starcraft

  10. I just stepped in to see what condition my condition was in, good news as always.

  11. No! Not my rug! It ties the room together!

  12. as soon as I heard that THE LONE RANGER has financing troubles because they wanted to put werewolves and similar supernatural things in the story as well, I knew it will be cancelled. But they do have a week to come up with a smaller budget before the studios cancel them for good.

  13. The Big Lebowski is awesome, really good movie. Can't believe it got so little appreciation when it was released.

  14. Can't wait to watch the next Resident Evil.

  15. I'm so looking forward for Blade Runner 2!

  16. In Antiochus and his daughter you have heard Following!

  17. Not looking forward to an Avatar or Resident Evil. :\

  18. If there is a Dark Tower movie or mini-series, I will be very, very content with life.

  19. I am going to see Batman just for Anne Hathaway

  20. Coriolanus has an awesome movie trailer! Looking forward to watch it.


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