Black Sabbath Reunion and the Tintin Short Special

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Guess you're all playing Modern Warfare 3, Arkham City, Battlefield 3 or Skyrim, huh? I have to seek a new audience then. Should I talk to a wall? I mean, Walls are solid, they never run off and are quite sturdy too. Walls are truly amazing. They have protected us for many years. Look at The Great Wall in China or the Walls of Jerusalem! We should honor the walls.... I'm really talking to a wall here, right?

Now, before I go doolah-wappy, here's our weekly FilmState episode! Enjoy!

Black Sabbath Reunite

The four original members of Black Sabbath( Ozzy Osbourne, Bill Ward, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and) announced today they will reunite and tour in 2012. The reunion will include a new album, produced by Rick Rubin, the most important producer of the last twenty years!

They held a press conference today in Los Angeles, hosted by metal-hero Henry Rollins. Metal Hammer was invited to the press conference.

Why now? "It was now or never, really. We have some great music to play." -Tony. "It was time." -Ozzy

Before we go on, I'd like to ask this question: Is Ozzy Osbourne still able to do this ? He had to cancel his gig at Graspop 2011 and wasn't that good at Blizzcon. Let's hope he can pull this one off...

And for all you hairsplitters, I know this has nothing to do with film but it's important enough to mention. This is the 11-11-11 announcement video.

Tintin And The Secret Of The Unicorn Short Special

Ten thousand thundering typhoons! If you have never heard or seen this quote, shame on you! It's a catchphrase from Captain Archibald Haddock,  a retired drunk sailorman from the classic Belgian comics Tintin, written and illustrated by HergĂ©.( the creative father of Tintin )

The script was written by Steven Moffat ( Doctor Who ), Edgar Wright ( Hot Fuzz, Shaun Of The Dead) and Joe Cornish. They have mingled three Tintin stories and created one story, which is absolutely amazing.

The audience of this blog is 90% American, and most of the Americans will think that Tintin is a completely new character. Tintin is very popular in Europe and other parts of the world. The comics went all over Europe and are quite famous. And the same thing is happening with the movie. It is already released in Europe since 26 October 2011 and is well-received by critics. Americans have to wait until 21 December 2011

A perfect date because it's a movie for kids, adults will remember the comics whilst watching the film and there are plenty jokes for the whole family. The worldwide premiere was destined for Belgium and France, home of Tintin and Hergé.

The Belgian premiere took place on 22 october 2011 . Here are some pictures of the premiere in Brussels. Two pictures by JLemant. If you are looking for a professional review( Something we'll be doing here very soon! ) there's one at Empire:


Photo by J. Lemant
Photo by J.Lemant


* Billy Crystal will host 2012 Oscars. Eddie Murphy has removed himself as host of the Oscars because Brett Ratner, the producer of the Oscars,  had a disagreement with the staff. They both resigned.

* Universal has released the first official trailer for Rupert Sanders’ fairytale reimagining Snow White And The Huntsman. Huh, i wrote something similar a few years ago and the papers have disappeared. Strange.But why Kristen Stewart? Go look it up and cry yourself to sleep.

* Jonah Hill had to turn down an offer from Quintin Tarantino, pledging him to join the cast of Django Unchained. Unfortunately, he could not do it due to scheduling conflicts. Others have agreed to join the cast like Rex Linn (CSI: Miami) and James Remar (Dexter) who will appear as  Ace Speck.

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  1. I never liked tintin, dunno why, I guess because is french or something.

  2. I also never found TinTin appealing so I don't except much from the film.
    But I'm happy for Crystal, although I would've liked someone younger and fresh like Amy Adams or Neil Patrick HArris.

  3. Nice layout its perfect for your blog.

  4. i have a new blog please follow :) +followed :)

  5. That reunion sounds great!

  6. You're on the money, I'm getting Skyrim tonight

  7. I hope Tintin turns out good. I used to read the books all the time when I was a kid.

    And no I don't live in Europe, I'm Canadian.

  8. I've been playing Sonic Generations more, I can't believe Americans never heard of Tin Tin before.

  9. Man your blog is great, I've watched almost all of these films in backgroud. Congrats!

  10. I'm really looking forward to the Tintin movie when it comes out here! I've never read the comics but the animation looks really cool from the trailer.

  11. thats freaking awesome! ill look forward to it

  12. I love Tintin... but I'm so worried it's gonna suck. Also, it's great to hear about Black Sabbath.


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