Pitch Del Toro and being expendable

Good afternoon all. You might have heard but Guillermo Del Toro is looking for a new pitch idea. It needs to be a superhero movie. I've sent a small pitch to mr. Guillermo Del Toro( had to be 50 words )
and this is it. ( It's something i quickly wrote, it's really bad :D )

Movie name:  Arctic
Tagline: Hell froze over but it's having a meltdown.

2020. North-Antlantic war kicks off between US and Russia. The harvest of minerals on the North Pole has begun. An American squad  found an artifact. They touched it, received supepowers. The gates of hell opened. Demons are escaping the North Pole. Russians are closing a pact with them. Are the heroes strong enough to diminish the Russians&Demons?

It's something for Del Toro, right? The movie starts with a war between both countries while a large part of the north pole melted down. In on of the last icecaves they found some kind of artefact. The teamleader touches it and the artefact starts to glow red, a red wave surrounds the team and goes down , deep in their skin. They changed. but then they pass out. When they wake up, demons are escaping the artifact and the whole world is getting destroyed by demons. Russians grab their chances and make a deal with the demons. Not good? :P

Expendables 2 adds Chuck Norris and John Travolta

The head of a Bulgarian film studio(' where they're gonna shoot the film) released some names on the list

Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, John Travolta, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chuck Norris, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren, Mickey Rourke. Who else? Of course, Bruce Willis,”  David Varod, CEO at Nu Boyana Studios, told news website Novanite in an interview.

As well as adding John Travolta and Chuck Norris to the list of stars, Varod also talked to director Simon West(Con Air), probably directing this film.
"I believe the sequel will be better than the first movie.", said David Varod.

Jean-Claude Van Damme, Bruce Willis and John Travolta will be the villains. That's what i call Epicosity!

Speaking of Epicosity -> Toby Turner on Vidcon!

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  1. I'd watch Artic:P, Expendables 2! looking forward to that, the first one was a hoot.

  2. That idea sounds a bit like Hellboy, in a way. Guess it's right up Del Toro's aisle, then!

  3. That sounds like a decent pitch really, I hope whoever comes up with one he picks gets at least some money.

  4. Wow, cant wait to see them in the same movie !

  5. Sorry mate, that idea is shit. If that cast list for Expendables grows anymore we will all be in it.

  6. If I had the cash I would invest in your film. Also good to see Van Damme in that cast.

  7. Of every virtue gives renown to men! Following!

  8. sorry bro, but the first one was awful, this one i thing will be worse =/


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