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I did not had the time to travel to San Diego this year, but i'm planning on going in 2012. 'm going to show you a few small things for Comic Con because i don't have alot of time.I'm working on the script again and i'm very busy doing a job. But what i can do is to show two pictures that i made on the filmset of my previous vacation job ;)

Marriage scene :)

 Camera :D

Wow, this should not be in here. Uhm, let's tell you anyway. These are the few guns we acquired for our own shortfilm. They look quite real, aren't they? :)

Comic-Con 2011: Spielberg announces Jurassic Park 4( if you haven't heard it)

Steven Spielberg made his first ever appearance at Comic-Con today.
The filmmaker confirmed that the long in development Jurassic Park 4 is definitely on its way.
“Jurassic Park 4 has a story,” he revealed. “We have a writer, and we’re hoping to make Jurassic Park 4 within the next two or three years.”

The movie mogul kept the announcement brief, shying away from offering up any further details about the fourquel at this early stage in development. Let's hope it will be damn good!

Comic-Con 2011: Francis Ford Coppola presents Twixt

Legendary filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola kicked off Day 3 of Comic-Con with footage of his new gothic mystery, Twixt.

Starring a ponytailed Val Kilmer as a “bargain basement Stephen King”, Twixt sees the paperback writer investigating a bizarre murder that may or may not have something to do with a vampire cult – helped along by the spirit of Poe himself.

Coppola used his slot to conduct a cinematic experiment, using editing software on his iPad to re-shuffle the footage live and show a second, different version.

The director enthused about embracing new technology, saying he’d like to take the film on tour and play it with a live score, re-editing the film in real-time according to what “the audience like and dislikes.”

The 3D was well received and most applauded Coppola for his experimental approach. Twixt is coming out later this year.

Comic Con: Knights Of Badassdom first Trailer( ABED FROM COMMUNITY??)

It's been a year since we heard about this project. It tells the heroic story of Five live-action roleplayers fighting a real demon. Peter Dinklage has been joined by True Blood's Ryan Kwanten, Firefly's Summer Glau, Treme's Steve Zahn and The Lincoln Lawyer's Margarita Levieva.

Knights of Badassdom doesn’t have a release date yet but should hopefully be out later this year.

If you are familiar with the series, you have to watch it. It's hilarious.  If you are not familiar, go buy season one& two and then come back and watch it. It's such a shame it has to battle The Big Bang Theory. This series deserves so much more! 

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  1. Jurassic Park 4? Come on, let it be. I want to remember the good old days in peace...

  2. Great post! Great pictures!

    I'm also very happy with your random video :)

  3. a lot of movies to look forward to then. :D

  4. Your short film looked like fun. I also can't wait for walking dead season 2.

  5. cant wait for TWD! nice blog btw! +followed

  6. Seemed like there was quite a lot going on there, I could say a lot but all I can think right now is "WHY SPIELBERG WHY? WHY?"

  7. Nice post.
    Walking Dead 2 will be godlike.

    Mark: But I want more dinosaurs. :(

  8. Ahhh JP4, God kill me :D


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