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Lego Movie reveals first trailer

The Lego Movie has released a fresh new trailer.The computer-animated adventure comedy follows an average LEGO figure called Emmet who has been mistaken as the Masterbuilder. Our Anti-hero is sent on a mission to defeat an evil dictator who's plotting to destroy the universe... well, kind of.

 Emmet is voiced by Parks And Recreation Chris Pratt and is joined by an amazing voice cast which includes Will Ferrell, Morgan Freeman, Alison Bree, Liam Neeson, Elizabeth Banks, Nick Offerman and Will "Lego Batman" Arnett. The Lego Movie was directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller and opens on 14 February 2014.

World War Z gets a sequel

Brad Pitt will be back for more zombie packed action as Paramount is planning a sequel to World War Z The film truly opened with a big yield of $66 million, financially enough for Paramount to make more movies about the overrunning zombie franchise. 

Paramount Chairman Rob Moore has confirmed that the studio is actively developing a second film and Pitt will be joining as producer and lead role. 

No idea if this is bad or good news. 

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