Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

It was rumoured that Mark Wahlberg would take the lead role in Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and nerdrage on fan forums errupted with disapproval, but before they could turn off their Playstations, the rumour rang true and today he is announced as signed to the role.
Mark Wahlberg has accepted the role of Nathan Drake in the video game adaptation/action film Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune .
We reported here that David O. Russell would be directing the movie, which immediately led to speculation that Wahlberg would be joining him, since the pair recently collaborated on The Fighter.
I think Wahlberg will do great in Uncharted. He has the presence and demeanor of a comat savvy treasure hunting adventurer that will make for a fun film.
Of course it is a video game movie, and we are trained to anticipate they will suck. However something like Drake’s Fortune can be more like a modern Indiana Jones or Lara Croft, and they can build the movie story around a character concept, and with a good script it will just be a fun adventure film and shake the stigma of a video game adaptation.
What do you think of Wahlberg in the role?

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