Official Green Lantern Trailer Online

With all the fear that they would snark up Green Lantern and make it into Deadpool with a GL Ring.
But the full trailer has officially launched and we have it here for you today!

Not kidding.

Ok, this looks a LOT better than that teaser we saw late last week. The moments where he is cocky don’t come off as sarcastic and snarky like he usually is in comedies. Clearly they are going for the kind of light comedy like Iron Man had, but not goofball.
Love the visuals, and love the costume (though his eyepiece does look a tiny bit too prounounced) and I am relieved to see a less Deadpool Reynolds in this.
And remember kids, if you don’t like this… you will love it considering this role once was in the hands of Jack Black.
Not kidding.

Oh right, and sorry for the inactivity. Hopefully i haven't lost some fans! We are getting close to a 100 followers so, thumbs up for a special!

8 opmerkingen:

  1. OMFG THIS LOOKS SO AMAZING, they should make a justice league movie, bring all the dc bros. together, but my god this trailer looks epic!

  2. In Pericles, his queen and daughter, seen, Following!

  3. Nope, still there :P
    ... and it looks pretty good acutually


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