America! your First Avenger will soon be here, and its not a black president

Captain America The First Avenger has been in production for a while now, and outside of some set shots we are only getting snippets of information about the movie.
But now some more details are being shared that include information about the costume, the plot and some behind the scenes trivia!

Some Details:

- Chris Evans apparently didn’t want to sign a nine movie contract with Marvel, which included three Captain America films, three The Avengers films, and 3 appearances in other movies. Word is 3 of those were removed, and it’s likely the latter three. I’m willing to bet he didn’t want to commmit to three minor appearances, to keep his schedule free for other roles than Captain America. I wouldn’t rule him out of the three appearances, they’ll just be more on his terms. - Evans had to bulk up for Captain America, but directer Joe Johnston wants shots of him as a “scrawny soldier.” To accomplish this, they plan on using camera angles, costumes to make him seem smaller, and special effects. Hopefully they do this part right, and not make Evans look cartoonish when trying to make him look thin.
- When the film is released in other countries, it will just be called The First Avenger, dropping the Captain America part of the name. Think the distributors are worried about lost ticket sales to the world’s view of America? Can’t think of any other reasons for this case.
- Marvel was considering making this a movie that jumps between the past and the present, but decided to keep the story based on WWII. This will likely hold better for the origin story piece, but to set up The Avengers, they’ll be using the ol’ “frozen in ice” storyline.
- The plot centers around Captain America leading a team of elite soliders known as the Howling Commandos as they go after the Red Skull and the Cosmic Cube.
- For the comic purists, the classic costume with the wings on the head will be in the movie. They have Captain America wearing it when they’re using him as a propaganda piece, but he hates it and ends up visiting Howard Stark. Stark helps him build the new suit that he’ll wear through most of the movie.

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  1. wow 9 movies? insane. good luck to chris evans.

  2. I'm actually excited for the upcoming movie..


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