New Kids Turbo

You dont know the New Kids? Offcourse you don't! It's a Dutch Comedy Series that started in 2007. The first season was only watchable on the internet but it became a huge hit with 2,5 million watchers. So Comedy Central took over and released their Three Seasons on the telly. The "New Kids Wave" came to Belgium with this song:
It was another great hit, the seasons were showed on TV in Belgium and now it has been released onto German Television( Comedy Network Germany). Maybe it will conquer Europe and the US ;D. It is your task!

5 retarded friends who lurk around in their little town, drinking beer, doing drugs, terrorising people and being even more retarded.

Now The News! On 9 December their movie will be released and i must say, it's KICK ASS. If you don't understand Dutch, no problem! It's all about the action! ENJOY :D

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