Dr. Raymond Stantz talks about the bustin business

Dan Aykroyd gave this comment on a promotional event of his Crystal Head Vodka.
He has been a strong supporter of a third Ghost Busters film for a while now.
The reporter wanted to know how Aykroyd felt about the disparaging comments Bill Murray has made about the writing team currently trying to tempt him with a script for Ghost Busters 3.

He was talking about the writers from Year One, and I think he was reacting to the box-office success and the general public view of the film, which in my view was a very serviceable comedy, and in the end I think they’ll make their money back. I think he was concerned that the writing on Ghostbusters 3 by these guys would not be up to standard, but I can tell you firsthand, I’m working on the script now and those two—Stupnitsky and Eisenberg, [writer-producers of The Office]—wrote Bill the comic role of a lifetime, and the new Ghostbusters and the old are all well represented in it…we have a strong first draft that Harold [Ramis] and I will take back, and I’m very excited about working on it.

So Aykroyd is changing the script. Some sources are reporting that he is re-writing the whole thing.

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  1. crystal head vodka is pretty neat...

  2. Not sure exactly how I feel about this. Mostly ambivalent about yet another rehash. But I love Bill Murray.

  3. Lets wait indeed :P

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  4. it his the prequel of ghostbuster movie omfg

  5. One of my favourite childhood movies, it would be great to see another iteration

  6. I really hope he makes it better, of not, then it's gonna be very bad.

  7. hell yeah, I love Bill Murray

    btw, I have a new post on GTL Everyday :)


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